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Taking place five years after the Die Hard: With a Vengeance, you play as John McClane, a New York detective. Your daughter, Lucy, joins the police force and is later kidnapped by a group of terrorists led by Piet Gruber, son of Hans Gruber (the villain from the first film). It is your job to again defeat the terrorists.


Die Hard: Vendetta is a first person shooter with some light stealth and puzzle elements. Much of the sees McLane running around, guns akimbo, disposing all manner of mercenaries, gang members, and prisoners. Pressing the L and Y buttons triggers a bullet time mode, complete with the obligatory rendition of "Ode to Joy."

Not all situations need to be met with wanton slaughter, however; toggling from "action mode" to "stealth", using the GameCube's B button, allows the player to sneak-up on enemies and take them hostage, resulting in execution or arrest. Identifying the leader of a group of enemies and taking him hostage can cause the entire group to surrender, weapons laid and bodies prostrated. Arrested enemies can be interrogated for useful information.

A surprising amount of the game entails speaking to various NPCs and solving puzzles. Every non-hostile character in the game can be spoken to, and nearly all have unique (and often humorous) dialogue. Speaking to certain characters can drastically change the course of a mission, opening up new paths, weapons, or items.

There are also some light disguise mechanics. In two missions, McLane can dress up as a gangbanger and a homeless person in order to sneak by enemies. At any point, he can choose to attack enemies, allowing the player to catch groups by surprise.

Finally, there is quite a lot of first person platforming. Certain missions, like the Fernandez Warehouse, are incredibly frustrating due to the fact that there's no dedicated jump button; the player has to run to the end of a ledge and hope that McLane is pointed at just the right angle to auto-jump to the next platform.


Tutorial - Police Training Course

Mission 1 - The Townsend Art Museum

Mission 2 - Hollywood Boulevard

Mission 3 - The Chinese Cinema

Mission 4 - The LA Subway

Mission 5 - Century City Police Station

Mission 6 - Hollywood Studio

Mission 7 - Sierra Correctional Facility

Mission 8 - Cesar Tuna Factory

Mission 9 - Fernandez Warehouse

Mission 10 - Nakatomi Plaza

Mission 11 - Holmes Observatory


Reginald VelJohnson returns to lend his voice to Sgt. Al Powell in several missions in the game. Bruce Willis, perhaps upset by how the last game he was involved with turned out, was not involved.


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