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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 27, 2006

    Digidrive is one of seven games in the Bit Generations series by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance.

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    Digidrive is played on a cross-shaped field constantly being flooded with arrows of one of three colors.  At the outset of a new game, only arrows of one color enter the field of play, but over time, the second and third colors are introduced.  As these arrows cross the center of the field, they can be sorted into one of the four sides of the field; this is done by holding the D-Pad in the desired direction.  Like-colored arrows sorted into the same areas will begin to stack, while sending a different-colored arrow will break apart an exsisting stack, sending those arrows back to the center of the field to be moved elsewhere.

    When five arrows of the same color are sorted into the same area, a "stack" is formed.  This is represented by a triangle next to the stack; in addition, that side of the cross will be highlighted with the appropriate color.  A stack must be maintained by sending more arrows of the right color into it; otherwise, the stack will disappear.  For every five arrows sent into a stack, the stack will increase in size.  If a wrong-colored arrow is sent into a stack, the stack will disappear.  However, if this is done and there is one other stack on the field, the former will empty its contents into the latter.  If a stack is broken and there are two other stacks in play, the destroyed stack will "double" and send its contents to both of the other stacks, increasing their  respective sizes.

    As a game progresses, the player's time limit is expressed by a disc and plunger on the right-hand side of the screen.  The plunger is constantly moving upwards, toward the disc.  If the two touch, the game ends.  Periodically, the game will send the player a flashing arrow.  A siren sound plays before and while this special arrow is in play.  Sending the flashing arrow into an exsisting stack will destroy the stack, but send its contents to the disc, launching it into the air; a bigger stack will launch the disc further.  This increases the distance between the disc and the plunger, giving the player more time to increase his score.  The player may also manually send in one flashing arrow, which is kept in reserve.

    If the player creates stacks in all four sections of the field simultaneously, the game enters into "autobahn" mode.  In this mode, a stream of arrows constantly enter the field, the rate at which they move increasing with time.  When an arrow is incorrectly sorted, the stack which is broken will be sent to the disc, and normal play will resume, leaving the player with three stacks on the field.  In addition, an additional flashing arrow is granted for use when the autobahn mode is exited.


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