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    Digimon RPG

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 14, 2010

    A free MMORPG that is set in the Digimon universe. It is developed by DIGITALIC and is currently only available in South Korea.

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    The player starts by choosing a "tamer" avatar from one of the four main characters directly from the Digimon Tamers series. From their the player also chooses a starter digimon from those used my the characters from the same series. Other starters can be found through special events within the game. Through the course of the game the player will "digivolve" their digimon or capture new digimon that cannot "digivolve" and must stay at the level they were caught at.

    In addition an indirect turn based battle system is in place. The player doesn't fight in battles but instead uses his or her digimon to battle instead. Each digimon has a timer bar that slowly fills, once filled that digimon can take an action whether it's fighting, fleeing, or using an item. The only direct action a player can take are through cards that can be activated. Different cards have different effects: altering stats of current digimon, switching out current digimon with other ones, and digivolving digimon to stronger forms. The player is limited to only 3 cards per one play and is limited to how many can be played during one battle.


    • Takato Matsuki
    • Rika Nonaka
    • Henry Wong
    • Jeri Katou

    Starter Digimon:

    • Gigimon
    • Gummymon
    • Viximon

    Event Digimon:

    • DemiVeemon
    • Hopmon
    • Yaamon
    • Dorimon
    • Koromon
    • Beelzemon Burst Mode
    • Gallantmon Crimson Mode
    • Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
    • Omnimon
    • Megidramon
    • Rapidmon (Gold)
    • ShadowSeraphimon
    • Kuzuhamon
    • BlackMegaGargomon
    • Raijimonmon
    • Fujinmon
    • Pharaohmon

    Catchable Digimon:

    • Bukamon
    • DemiMeramon
    • Kapurimon
    • Kuramon
    • Koromon
    • MetalKoromon
    • Chocomon
    • Motimon
    • Minomon
    • Nyaromon
    • Pagumon
    • Paomon
    • Poromon
    • Tokomon
    • Tsunomon
    • Upamon
    • Yokomon
    • Yuramon
    • Zurumon
    • Tsumemon

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