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Digital: A Love Story Review 1

   I can remember the day I got the internet in my house; it was both glorious and slightly terrifying. I remember the first website I went on was a website for Harry Potter, in which you would fly a broomstick and dodge obstacles, the relevance of this?, well, to me the internet has always either been there, or not been there. I still to this day couldn’t easily explain to people how the early days of the internet operated, as I was never exposed to the technological updates in my youth, hel...

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incredible acheivement 0

Analogue a hate story was on sale so I bought it. Reading about it, I found out about Digital a love story. I went then to download it thinking I would play a little bit before moving to the newer one. Three hours later I finished the game, and went here to say how great it was. There was only text and sounds - but I was moved more than I think I have been by any game in a long time. It started out being a cool throwback to being an early computer geek of 12 and getting on BBSes. The way ...

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Surprising 0

As someone who never experienced and therefore has no nostalgia for the early days of computers and internet, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. Gameplay-wise it reminds me a lot of Uplink, the hacker game by the Introversion guys, except Digital is infinitely more playable. Uplink is confusing even after the tutorials. Anyway, the story of this game is really interesting. It goes in a completely different direction than you expect at the outset. At first I disliked the twist becau...

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Review: Digital: A Love Story (Mac) 0

It's often taken for granted that people who play a lot of video games know a lot about technology. I'll attest that there is generally aptitude in these circles beyond that of the non-gamer crowd, but it's not something that comes entirely natural. Maybe I'm just being defensive because I was always late to the party on so many aspects of new and emerging technological trends in the past 3 decades. I didn't send an email or use AIM until I started college in 2002. Same goes for having a cell ph...

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The Brilliant FuturePast of Digital: A Love Story 0

Christine Love’s 2010 indie title Digital: A Love Story weaves together technonostalgia and point-and-click adventure gameplay into a unique, touching piece of interactive fiction. Digital takes place “five minutes into the future of 1988,” according to Love. The Internet of this future-past is but a crying babe in Al Gore’s arms. A subculture of tech-savvy hackers post on crude Bulletin Board Systems about everything from FidoNet nodes to fantasy RPGs to the burgeoning genre of cyberpunk....

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