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    Dimitri is a one of Sly Coopers enemies and a member of the Klaww Gang. Later in the franchise, he becomes an ally to the Cooper Gang.

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    Before becoming involved in criminal enterprise, Dimitri was an aspiring young painter. He developed his own art style known as "kinetic aesthetic", which consisted of him swinging back and forth on a rope tied around his waist and painting the canvas as he swung. The art community rejected Dimitri's art and was subsequently cast out. Angered by this, Dimitri began forging old masterpieces, his idea for revenge.

    Dimitri speaks usually in hip hop lingo. This is due to him having learned English through watching hip hop music videos. As a result of this many people don't understand a word that he says and make fun of him for it.


    • "My Suit is Greasy sweet"
    • "Lets Dance"
    • "Show me your bling and let me shine you"
    • "I am not cold hearted my friend, I am cold blooded"
    • "That Clockwerk Tail bro, paper, ink, thwack, easy money"

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