Anyone else find DC2 a disappointment?

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 I just beat the first Dino Crisis and I love it, out of the hundreds of games I've played in my life, it is by far my favorite of them all. But now I started playing the second one and am disappointed. So far it just seems more like an action game instead of a survival horror game. You spend the first 5-10 minutes running around with about 40 raptors coming after you, and they give you 100 shotgun shells which often kill the raptors in 1 hit.

Regina makes a return in DC2, but they really ruined her character in my opinion. I mean the TRAT guy is a real stuck-up douche bag, but even so, she just leaves him to fend all by himself in the very beginning of the game. Albeit in the first game she often refused to help the scientists responsible for the accident (i.e. the unconscious lady, the poisoned guy, and the bleeding guy, even though she had access to hemostats and medical supplies), but that this is different, these guys are on her team, not some crazy scientists working for a competing government. I also don't like the controls, whereas I did in the first game. Also in DC2 there is a points system, where you get points from killing dinosaurs, and you use the points to buy new weapons, which is stupid. Was anyone else let down by this game?

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@dinocrisisfreak said:


I can never read this the right way....
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I you thought DC2 was bad stay far away from DC3. In fact pretend it doesn't exist. 

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@blueduck said:
" If you thought DC2 was bad stay far away from DC3. In fact pretend it doesn't exist.  "
I think that's what most people do.
Anyway, I agree. Dino Crisis 2 really wasn't so good. I didn't like the changes, and I especially hated the underwater segments.
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I didn't play the original Dino Crisis but my friends and I all agree that Dino Crisis 2 is pretty much our childhood gem. I played so much of that game and all I have is found memories of it.

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