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    Dino Crisis

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Aug 31, 1999

    Join Regina, as part of a special forces team sent to infiltrate a government facility, to discover the truth behind a scientific experiment that has drastically gone awry.

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    Dino Crisis is a survival horror game for the PC, Dreamcast and PlayStation. Developed and published by Capcom in 1999, the game was developed by the same team that developed Resident Evil, with Shinji Mikami acting as director.


    Overview & Controls

    Laser grids can be used to keep attacking dinosaurs at bay
    Laser grids can be used to keep attacking dinosaurs at bay

    Dino Crisis is designed around a style of gameplay reminiscent of the survival horror Resident Evil entries, with many similarities including tank controls, a scarcity of ammo, and fixed camera angles that perpetuate throughout. However combat is made to be significantly more difficult and promotes the idea of flight rather than fight even more so than Resident Evil. The velociraptor dinosaurs the player will routinely encounter are much more durable than most enemies found in Resident Evil and can withstand more punishment. They can chase the player through multiple rooms should they opt to run away as well. If knocked over by a dinosaur, it is possible for Regina to drop her gun, forcing the player to recollect it for use.

    There are at least certain obstacles the player can use to help stop the advance of a dinosaur; there are firstly a number of laser grids the player will eventually be able to turn on or off at will. This may make exploration more difficult, but in the mean time will help keep a dinosaur at bay.

    Because of the scarcity of ammo and the aggressiveness of the dinosaurs, Dino Crisis also has available tranquiliser darts, that while it won't kill a dinosaur it will at least instantaneously put one to sleep for a varying amount of time. There are also poison darts that will outright kill a common dinosaur with a single shot, however they are extremely rare to obtain.

    Like Resident Evil, Dino Crisis includes many jump-scare moments
    Like Resident Evil, Dino Crisis includes many jump-scare moments

    Players can of course choose between walking or running, however unlike in Resident Evil Regina must first go through a slight build up before reaching her maximum speed. Regina must also stay perched to the ground when firing, though she can at least move while readying her gun. Players cannot aim up or down manually, however Regina will instead aim as such when the situation calls for it, such as aiming downward at a sleeping velociraptor.

    Dino Crisis has the player coming across files and documents to help further the backstory or to possibly aid in solving one of the many puzzles throughout the game. However the files will not be archived in the player's inventory when read like in Resident Evil, and instead requires the player to manually jot down any notable passcodes or the like themselves.

    Inventory and Mixing

    Regina can hold up to 10 consumable items such as healing supplies and ammunition, with a separate inventory menu for key items. As such the player will always have space for any such necessary keys and the like, and inventory management is governed purely around the player's supplies. Besides Regina's inventory, there are a number of Emergency Boxes that include a significant amount of supplies for the player to collect, while also offering a place for the player to leave unwanted supplies. However unlike the item boxes in Resident Evil, the boxes are color-coded and items can only persist across multiple boxes of the same color. Furthermore, they must first be unlocked with at least one item called a 'plug', otherwise it will be inaccessible.

    Mixing is the act of combining multiple supply types to increase their effectiveness. This typically revolves around mixing two small health packs to gain two medium ones for example, but it can also be used to enhance the strength of tranquilisers. Beyond mixing supplies together, there are also items that exist specifically to be mixed to increase an item's effectiveness.

    Health and Saving

    Health works similarly to Resident Evil, however there is no formal indication of Regina's health, and players can only note her stance to read her condition. As Regina withstands more damage, she will begin to limp and hold onto her stomach, slowing her movement. There's also a strong chance for Regina to bleed after an attack, which will steadily decrease her health even further. The way to note if she's bleeding is if there are small puddles of blood that form under her feet per footstep.

    Should players ultimately die, there's a chance they will instead be taken back to the moment before they entered the room they died in, but only if they have a resuscitation kit on hand, otherwise they will fall back to a previous savepoint instead.

    The player is able to save the game indefinitely without the use of an item like in Resident Evil, though players must still first locate a Save Room to do so. Upon preparing to exit the Save Room they are then asked if they wish to save.

    Alternate Paths

    The personalities of Rick and Gail will continually clash throughout the story
    The personalities of Rick and Gail will continually clash throughout the story

    Throughout Dino Crisis, Regina will have to choose between two options usually revolving around the contrasting personalities of Gail and Rick. Should the player side with Gail they will typically resolve situations with combat, and siding with Rick would lead to solving a puzzle instead to potentially sidestep a combat encounter. Nearing the end, certain decisions could also determine the ending of the game and which characters would survive.

    There are three possible endings in total, none of which have ever been officially confirmed as the canon ending.


    Main Characters


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    The lead playable character for Dino Crisis. Sharp witted and lively, she is the team's infiltration expert.


    No Caption Provided

    The intelligence specialist of the group. While Rick is hardly ever seen to use it, he is commonly found to be equipped with a sniper rifle suggesting his skills as a marksman.

    • Voiced by [[Richard Yearwood]].


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    The leader of the small team sent into apprehend Dr Kirk. Cold and ruthless, Gail continually exhibits a great deal of dedication to completing the mission at all costs, even at the risk of his own safety.

    • Voiced by [[Adrian Truss]].

    Dr Kirk

    No Caption Provided

    The scientist Regina and company have been sent to capture. Sociopathic and maybe even a little mad, he won't let anything get in the way of his goals.


    Main characters Regina, Rick, and Gail
    Main characters Regina, Rick, and Gail

    A special forces team is sent to Ibis Island, a government facility. Their goal is to investigate reports that an undercover weapons project is being conducted by Dr. Edward Kirk, a world-renowned scientist, assumed to have died two years ago. It becomes apparent that Kirk was running experiments to bring dinosaurs back from extinction, the government facility is in ruins, and has fallen to the wrath of the dinosaurs. You take on the role of Regina, the game's key protagonist, as she struggles to infiltrate the facility, and discover the truth behind Kirk's dangerous experiment. Accompanied to the island by Gail, Rick, and Cooper; Regina forms part of the Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT), and must find and apprehend Kirk while destroying the infestation that has spread throughout the facility, killing a large number of Kirk's scientists in the ongoing bloodbath.

    Arriving on the island where Kirk is rumored to be located, they make their way on plane leading to all four members jumping to the surface below via parachute. While Regina, Rick and Gail successfully touchdown close by the facility, Cooper is split up from the team though mid-flight and is devoured by a roaming T-Rex. As they make their way into the facility, Gail uncovers a corpse that has been mauled viciously. Presuming it was a wild animal, they deem it with no suspicion and carry on. Regina investigates the power circuit ordered by Gail while he stays by the corpse keeping a watch for the attacker. After turning on the power, Regina hears a scream and rushes out to find Gail and the corpse missing, with a large trail of blood leading back to the entrance where they first landed. Regina cautiously makes her way back to the entrance to rendezvous with Rick. Along the way she is ambushed by a velociraptor. At first in shock she watches as it jumps down towards her. Soon she regains herself and makes her escape to the entrance eventually losing the Raptor. Rick has already headed to the control room with Regina radioing about what's been happening. Rick skeptical over the situation asks her to meet up with him.

    Fighting her way through more velociraptors, she eventually makes it to the control room, with Rick informing her of spotting the dinosaurs via the security camera's. Still no sign of Gail, Rick suggests that the mission be already scrapped and that they head home for Regina to intersect that its their priority to find Kirk and that's what Gail would of ordered. Rick opts to stay behind and make use of the facilities in the control room, making use of his tech-skills while Regina heads out alone to search for Dr Kirk and now the missing Gail.

    Regina looking down on her latest kill.
    Regina looking down on her latest kill.

    With the help from Rick, Regina is able to bypass the many laser grids set up around the facility and learn more about Kirk's schemes amidst this facility through the occasional survivor, who would unfortunately die soon after Regina comes into contact. One such incident with a survivor also has Regina introduced to the same T-Rex that killed their teammate Cooper.

    Eventually Regina locates Gail who is in good health, and like Regina anticipated has no desire to end the mission even with the current dinosaur crisis they are in the middle of. Gail decides to have him and Regina split up rather than stay together to cover more ground with Rick still acting as their radio support from the CR. Heading to the outside region of the facility, Regina will come across Tom, their undercover contact who supplied them with the information regarding Kirks possible terrorist motives. He is badly wounded however and even with the help of Rick coming to give shooting assistance, is killed by a velociraptor. Rick feels tremendous guilt over Tom's death and decides to keep himself in the CR where he'll be most useful.

    Gail and Regina eventually come into contact with Kirk, with Gail cornering him in a supply depot. Gail orders Regina to head back to the control room while Gail will escort him personally. Gail hands Regina a special type of key to unlock an exclusive elevator in the CR to get them to their extraction point. It however requires power and Regina heads to restore it. Along the way the notorious T-Rex will make another unwelcome appearance and attack Regina. She rushes away and manages to head to the extraction point with Rick and Kirk waiting. Gail has mysteriously vanished. Their helicopter arriving, the T-Rex once more crashes the party and downs their helicopter allowing Kirk for one to make a quick getaway and forcing Regina to hold off the T-Rex while Rick activates a nearby elevator to get them to the lower levels. Arriving at the lower levels safely, they fall into familiar territory with Regina heading out looking for clues, Gail missing and Rick staying behind in a security room to help via radio and offer technical support. Regina will once more come into contact with Gail with him feeding the excuse that he lost Kirk amidst a dinosaur ambush and was trying to regain him. Regina goes along with it and follows Gail's orders to hunt down Kirk. Throughout her search amidst the lower levels she will learn more and more about Kirk's nefarious schemes involving some sort of dimensional portal that malfunctioned bringing the dinosaurs into our time. Heading through some of the more higher-profile areas, Regina will locate multiple complex machines and even the ''Third Energy'' contraption itself.

    Regina encounters the T-Rex for the first time.
    Regina encounters the T-Rex for the first time.

    Regina manages to locate Kirk amidst his own secret office, she radios Gail and Rick with Gail stating he's on his way and Rick mentioned of located a new means of escape via a hoverboat. Kirk explains all about what happened concerning the Third Energy theory and its accidental switching of time and space with the dinosaur generation. The Third Energy movement is upon their objectives to be destroyed, Kirk reluctantly explains how to do so and Regina makes her way to the machines pulling all the strings to turning the giant contraption off. Gail stays behind to watch Kirk. Once the machine is turned off it enters a self destruct mode simultaneously with the T-Rex makings its way closer to the area. Some fallen rubble off the ceiling landing on Gail allows Kirk to escape once more. Regina comes upon Gail and ignores his plea to find Kirk and carries him to where Rick is stationed. With all the doors open thanks to the keys supplies by Kirk, they plan to make their escape only for Gail to still stand by his orders and make his way out to find Kirk even through his severe injuries. Rick asks Regina to go get him while he makes sure everything is ready by the time she gets back.

    Regina heading out for Gail stumbles upon him with Kirk. It is then revealed that Gail was so concerned over Kirk's capture was down to his own hidden objective about finding out how to create another Third Energy machine with Kirk's ''assistance'' Regina is initially appalled at this. Gail slowly dies there after uttering his true motives. Regina decides to still bring Kirk along as its still one of her own objectives.

    The T-Rex once again proving to be an oversized thorn in Regina's side.
    The T-Rex once again proving to be an oversized thorn in Regina's side.

    Finally, Regina, Kirk and Rick board the hovercraft and make their way out of a cave. The T-Rex makes one final attempt however with Regina fortunately blasting it away with a grenade launcher allowing it to get caught in the blast from the self-destruction of the facility. The mission is deemed a success with Regina voicing a brief outline of the mission outcomes noting Gail and Tom as deceased, Cooper MIA and Kirk captured.

    Extra Crisis

    Regina wearing her camo costume amidst the Extra Crisis minigame.
    Regina wearing her camo costume amidst the Extra Crisis minigame.

    As is common with the majority of Capcom's titles, Dino Crisis has an unlockable minigame available to play once the main game has been completed. Titled Extra Crisis, the player's goal is to try and rack up a high score through killing as many dinosaurs as possible in the time limit. The weapons are scarce, however, and must be procured from searching around the facility. Regina is the only playable character, but she may be fitted with any of the unlockable costumes available from the main game.


    The soundtrack for Dino Crisis was released in Japan and North America in 1999. It was composed by Makoto Tomozawa, Sayaka Fujita and Akari Kaida. Like Resident Evil, the soundtrack creates an atmosphere with a sense of dread and urgency. The game's save room music "Set You At Ease", much like the aforementioned game, features music that is designed to calm the player.

    Track Listing

    Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack
    Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack

    Name: Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack

    Total length: 69:51

    1. "DINO CRISIS" - 0:27
    2. "You Have Mail" - 1:42
    3. "Welcome to Genocide Island" - 1:44
    4. "An Omen" - 0:11
    5. "An Encounter" - 1:16
    6. "The Place Is Deserted Through..." - 1:31
    7. "Breakout" - 0:38
    8. "Set You At Ease" - 0:50
    9. "Entrance" - 0:15
    10. "At The Verge of Attack" - 0:37
    11. "Rush Into" - 0:18
    12. "A Rowdy In Ancient Ages" - 1:14
    13. "A Rescue Or A Mission" - 1:33
    14. "Where's The Doc" - 1:07
    15. "Doctor Kirk!" - 0:08
    16. "Investigate The Underground" - 1:01
    17. "Murderers In The Sky" - 0:57
    18. "Where's The Survivor" - 1:44
    19. "The Wounds Are Pretty Bad..." - 0:46
    20. "Be Hanged And Dropped" - 0:14
    21. "Lamentation" - 0:22
    22. "Pounced" - 0:41
    23. "Lab In The Underground" - 1:47
    24. "A Secret In The Poisonous Gas" - 0:40
    25. "Confined" - 0:57
    26. "Make Your Choice" - 1:46
    27. "Elusive Dr. Kirk" - 2:13
    28. "To The Communication Room" - 0:53
    29. "Giant Fang Bites" - 0:57
    30. "Get To The Heliport" - 1:13
    31. "Abandoned Hope" - 0:51
    32. "Hang In There" - 0:46
    33. "Underpass" - 0:50
    34. "Dark And Deserted" - 1:45
    35. "Heading For The Port" - 1:10
    36. "Giant Claws" - 1:12
    37. "Further Dread" - 0:35
    38. "Call From Survivor" - 0:41
    39. "The Violence Comes Down" - 0:32
    40. "Distorted Space-Time Continuum" - 0:57
    41. "Seek For The Generator" - 0:41
    42. "Located Main Generator" - 1:16
    43. "Suspicious Shot" - 1:11
    44. "Glimpse" - 0:07
    45. "The Tragedy Arisen From The Experiment" - 2:50
    46. "What's Your Choice" - 1:12
    47. "Stabilizer And Initializer" - 2:18
    48. "A Wiretrap" - 0:45
    49. "Starting Up" - 0:37
    50. "There's No Turning Back" - 1:06
    51. "Overloaded" - 0:38
    52. "Breath Faintly" - 0:25
    53. "Last Selection" -1:52
    54. "Stick to the Belief" - 0:43
    55. "A Fierce Fight At Port" - 0:55
    56. "Explosion" - 1:26
    57. "Hidden Purpose" - 2:34
    58. "Lie Down" - 0:28
    59. "The One Who Chase" - 1:04
    60. "Final Battle" - 1:08
    61. "At The Waterway" - 1:28
    62. "A Chopper" - 0:18
    63. "Finally Caught" - 0:29
    64. "Troublesome And Ferocious" -1:27
    65. "Burn Away" - 1:14
    66. "Reminiscence" - 2:27

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