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So I bought Shift 2 Unleashed a day or two ago from Direct2Drive, because it wasn't on Steam, and today right after I use the cd key and install the game I find out it IS on Steam now.  I contacted Direct2Drive customer support, and I told them about how I wanted it on Steam and it was a mistake, and I explained that I used my cd key already.  30 minutes later I get a couple emails, one is paypal telling me I have been refunded, and the other is the customer support telling me very nicely I was refunded and for future reference how to add non-steam games to the Steam library (although that still isn't the same as actually owning it on Steam).  I can't believe they did that, and I'm not sure how that was even possible either because I read if the cd key was used they aren't supposed to refund it.  I don't know how they did that or if it's a normal thing, but they are pretty awesome to do that for me.  Anyway, just figured it was my obligation to share my experience.  A good place to buy your games if you don't want to be required to keep a program running constantly (like Steam, or the EA download manager), you just download a zip file, and play.

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That's impressive, especially considering you cited not wanting the game because you wanted it from a competing service. I might consider buying from them sometime.

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Steam >

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