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I really like the soundtrack in this game, it makes for good driving music. Personal favourites include Stone Roses, Bloc Party and the Prodigy.

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block party + the prodigy 
probably pretty good, also I like your avatar :D 

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I personally turn off music in my driving games but  not because i want some "pure racing" experience.  I just never really like the selections.
But from what i heard it was pretty cool.

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Any Frank Sinatra or Roy Orbison in this game?

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I think I'd adore the music in this game if I were into screamo. It's so odd that the age of the average gamer is about 35 and yet the sound tracks in games these days seem to be designed for the teenage crowd. Maybe they could start including two or three pre-built sound track lists so that those of us who would rather listen to decent rock or something can... and those who want to listen to some kid with spikey-blonde hair and a "I'm such a rebel" studded wrist-bracelet sing about his mom not hugging him enough can listen to that.
There is far more annoying music than what is in this game, but for the most part, there is absolutely nothing about any of this music that says "you'll feel cool listening to this while driving fast down the freeway".

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I like the fact that there is no music to turn off during the racing and that the music is only on during menus. The engine sound takes center stage.

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The problem is the music matches the image that rally in America has become.  You turn rally into some lame "Extreme Sport" and plaster X-Games everywhere, it's only fitting to include the type of music that fans of that kind of stuff listen to.  Personally I find the music for the most part to be alright, but there are some songs that just make me wonder what whoever was in charge of the music was thinking.  I much preferred the music in the first Dirt, mainly because... I don't think any of it had any singing or anything particularly distracting.

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@addictedtopinescent said:
" block party + the prodigy probably pretty good, also I like your avatar :D  "
Its pretty cool man.
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As far as game soundtracks go, it's pretty good. Most games I judge the soundtrack in a percentage of the songs I like. I'd give Dirt a solid 70%, which is very good. The only other game I can think of with a sountrack as good as this was Burnout Revenge, which had around 60%. the difference was Burnout Revenge had customisable sountracks, and a huge playlist, so I only ever listened to the music I wanted to.
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Most games that have licensed music license horrible music.
Just look at almost all of the Rock/Hero games.

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No love for The Cribs or White Lies?
(Why does GB slow down really bad for me?)

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The soundtrack is fantastic. Agree 100%.

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