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Hooning Is Not A Crime, But Dismissing This Game Is 2

When it comes to racing games, I'm more of an F1 kind of guy. So obviously, I was a big fan of Codemasters F1 2010. But now we are back in the DiRT series, back to true rally. It's time to get DiRTy...  Visuals: When you look at DiRT2, you will notice that it is a great looking game for 2009, even to this day. When your first race at Finland in DiRT3 loads up, you'll notice a vast improvement. Correction, a huge improvement. Finland doesn't really show the best visuals DiRT3 has to offer, but de...

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The Dirtiest DiRT Yet 0

  I'll admit, if it weren't for autocross, drifting and rally auto racing would be dead to me. Being a car enthusiast, I'm always playing the latest driving/racing games and finding one that really stands out is a rare occurrence. I'm quite fond of Codemasters' Colin McRae: DiRT series and the latest iteration, Dirt 3 , is truly a winner in my book. Building upon the solid racing formula that made Dirt 2 a success, the developers were able to create an even more accessible and challenging driv...

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turn off the VO!!! 1

OK, so let me start this on the positive. The racing is amazing! It's what you'd expect from codemasters. Think Dirt 2, with a bit more finesse. It's tight and responsive handling is top tier all the way. The vehicle setup per race is a perfect addition. The graphics are gorgeous. The sfx are again outstanding. Basically all the backend components are amazing. But here is where I turn to the negative. The number one flaw, and one which nearly destroys all the great things about this game is the ...

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Ride or Drive 0

Learning to drive a car can be a stressful experience. When I was in high school I took driving lessons from a certified instructor named Mr. Neeble, a stern old man with the relentless cadence of a film noir mobster. Imagine already being nervous about sitting behind the wheel, then as you're trying your damnedest to stay in your lane and stop at all of the proper signals, you have to listen to a constant deluge of mantras like "Hands at 10 and 2!," "Check you mirrors!," "Eyes on the road!," a...

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A dirty good online time 0

Serious in front, party in back. Like a mullet, Dirt 3 will not be everyone's style . It packs smooth controls, good looks,  and lag free net code but never commits to either being a serious rally racer or a Tony Hawk petrel party. For some, it just may be that constant variety that keeps them entertained. Others will despise the careers' unyielding mix. Fortunately the cars of Dirt 3 are there for the driving - not collecting, so other than honing your online skills and boosting your gamer scor...

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This gorgeous, accessible and exhilarating off-road racer rocks. 0

There's definitely no shortage of destinations for anyone who fancies off-road racing and if you happen to be that type of a person, then you have likely been keeping up with the Dirt series over the years. After all, these games have brought the joy of knocking opponents out of commission, racing through muddy tracks and up steep hills to the forefront and the latest iteration in the series -- Dirt 3-- tries to capitalise on the success of its forebears while also introducin...

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group B 0

WRC, WRC , WRC yaay thanks to ken block being in the real WRC i guess they can finally make it right in the dirt series. And thanks for bringing back group B, i loved that when they were really racing that class for real in wrc back in the day and im so excited to be able to race it. The RV is gone too! AND Gymkhana is so fun and adds elements of other game types to racing which is cool. rather than just completing a race and then re racing it endlessly to shave off .007th of a sec off your lap ...

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The best mix of simulation and arcade 0

Dirt 3 greatly surpasses Dirt 2 in many ways, with addition of a bigger focus on rally (which the fans wanted and we got it!). The game looks beautiful, on my PC at high settings the game looks very good better then Dirt 2. The game plays very well in terms of racing, yes it kind of plays like a simulation but it has style and pacing of an arcade game. It blends these to concepts very well. Probably the biggest upgrade from Dirt 2 is the menu system no more traveling in your RV, and moving aroun...

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DiRT 3 Review 0

It’s fair to say that DiRT 2 was quite a departure from the previous game. Basic rallying was thrust to the side in lieu of a new extreme sports motif and judicious use of the word “awesome”. DiRT 3doesn’t ditch the extreme aesthetics of it’s predecessor altogether, but takes steps to reign it in considerably and move the series closer to it’s roots.Your trailer which served as your hub in DiRT 2 has been jettisoned in favour of a very slick and stylish menu system that seems like the logical pr...

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