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Fury Road 5

I had a ritual when it came to most driving games; sit back, put some music on, and roll around the track for however long it took to win. Be it Forza, Gran Turismo, or the much missed Project Gotham my approach was one of relaxation and taking in the amazing graphics that racing games are so often the vanguard for. There was always the potential for challenge; to turn things up and test the limits of my modest skill, but the option to just take the easy road was often much too tempting. Dirt Ra...

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visually impressive but too light on content 0

This review is for the PC, playing with both a wheel and a controller.First off, here's what I like about the game:Codemasters have always made games that are very pretty to look at, and in this respect Dirt Rally is hard to beat, even as Dirt 4 has been released. So if visual immersion is your priority, look no further, this game offers a luxurious experience for you.Playing the game with my GTX 960 card I had no technical issues with the game, no game crashes or noticeable framedrops. I'm also...

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