Like Dirt 2, only with more explosions, hoons and hearses.

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Here's the announcement trailer for Codermasters' upcoming sub-entry (I mean that in a nice way) into the Dirt franchise: Dirt Showdown.

So apparently it's an arcade-style "race-em-up" game. What can this mean for Dirt 4? I imagine now that a game like Showdown exists for them to implement their more casual-friendly, rally-inspired, arcade experiments on, anything else could only be pure rally-sim, right?

Full story: HERRRE.

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Hopefully this will be them spurting their shitty Ken Block load and returning to actual Rallying for Dirt 4. Hopefully. Please.

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@AlexW00d: I'm surprised they haven't made a "Ken Block's Pro Gymkhana" yet. I guess this'll be the closest thing.

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I LOVED the figure eight track from GRID. Super excited for this one.

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I'm looking forward to this. The destruction derby flair is what's got me excited. I remember the old destruction derby ps1 games. I think they were made by psygnosis?

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