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A Disappointing Entry to a Great Series 0

Growing up as a kid, I had a varied exposure to racing games. From the ripe age of four, I started playing the original Midtown Madness and its sequel, Test Drive 5, Grand Turismo 3, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (the original). While some of those games have a special place in my heart, Dirt 2 is undoubtedly one of my favorite racing games. The feel of the racing is great with its mix between realism and arcade handling, alongside the fact that rally racing is one of the best racing sports th...

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Dirt: Showdown is a different kind of Dirt, but it is still great 0

The Dirt series from Codemasters has had an interesting evolution since the first title arrived in 2007. Originally Colin McRae: Dirt, the game was filled with different events that featured a range of vehicles, such as rally cars, buggies and hill climbing big rigs. The sequel moved away from the traditional sport setup and went into the field of extreme sports, such as the X-Games, where rally events didn’t have the dominate focus by which the series is normally known. Codemasters took the fee...

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Not a Change for the Better 0

As an admitted non-fan of rally racing, the several rally series on the market have never done much for me --- until Colin McRae's DIRT series. Those games managed to take a form of driving I'm not fond of and make it an enjoyable and easily controllable driving series out there.DIRT 2 was one of my favorite games this generation. Codemasters has done right by the series --- arguably until DIRT Showdown. This game is a pretty major departure.First, the positives --- visually, the game is great. ...

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Hopefully not a glimpse of things to come. 1

Dirt Showdown takes an interesting and bold move in a franchise that is known for it's quality controlling and fast paced off road rally racing that doesn't necessarily pay off, but why?First it's probably worth mentioning that I would consider myself a fan of the Dirt franchise, not to the extent that I will rush out and purchase each game day one, but enough to eventually get around to playing the latest entries. With that in mind I didn't have particularly high hopes for Dirt Showdown, which ...

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