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    Dirty Bomb

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jun 02, 2015

    Entered Early Access on June 2015, fully released March 2018. Dirty Bomb is a class-based multiplayer PC game it was previously known as Extraction.

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    Dirty Bomb is a class-based multiplayer shooter focused on attack and defend gameplay. Emphasizing strategy and teamwork. There are multiple classes (mercenaries) to choose from, and each class has a set of characters which further change the equipment and play-style of that class. It is currently in Closed Beta and can be accessed via keys sent from their sign-up page. It was added to Steam on January 6th, 2015, and the Closed Beta will last until January 20th, 2015. The game has currently transitioned to Open Beta on June 2nd, 2015.

    Dirty Bomb features a gamemode called "Stop-Watch" which is similar to other objective-based games, where one team must attack and perform certain objectives in order to win while the other team defends. The difference is that if the objectives are completed, the Defenders have that same amount of time to complete the objective as the attackers or else they lose. This keeps going until a team eventually is unable to beat the last team's time, or they are unable to complete the objective at all.

    Dirty Bomb's development was partially supported by crowd funding through the developer's website offering immediate access to the game's pre-release alpha and beta testing stages.


    Dirty Bomb borrows from several distinct FPS games, mostly from Splash Damage's previous games, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink. Mobility is that of Wolf:ET, with fast movement and the ability to jump off walls to traverse the map to reach the objective. Gunplay is very unlike Wolf:ET, in that it is beneficial to shoot while on the move. Although Iron Sights are implemented, they do more harm than good, cluttering the screen and reducing the player's movement speed. Each mercenary has a unique skill set (See "Mercenaries") and the only resource is time, as using a skill places it on Cooldown. In reminiscence of Wolf:ET, "Time To Kill" varies depending on the weapon used and how many headshots are landed unlike Brink in which "TTK" was very Call of Duty-esque, taking only a few bullets. Various weapons (sniper rifles) can kill in 1 shot to the head, however others takes up to 4-7 headshots.



    An 8v8 objective-based gamemode, once the Attackers complete an objective, they move on to a different part of the map and are issued a different objective. There are a total of 3 objectives per map currently. Objectives include escorting an EV (Extraction Vehicle) to its destination, hacking or bombing a blockade or a site, and carrying 2 data cores to a terminal. The game ends when the Attackers successfully complete all the objectives or if the Defenders successfully defend the objectives.


    A competitive objective-based gamemode. The general basis for Stop-Watch is similar to the Objective gamemode, however teams switch sides at the end of the round and compete for the mot objectives completed or the fastest time in completing all the objectives.


    A fast-paced, single life gamemode. Similar to Search-and-Destroy in Call of Duty, each player has only 1 life, and if they get gibbed (fully downed, grey body) they will have to sit out until the next round starts. The Attackers win by killing all Defenders or successfully blowing a bomb site with C4, and the Defenders win by either killing all Attackers, defusing the C4, or successfully waiting out the round timer. After half of the rounds have been played, sides are switched and Attackers become Defenders and vice versa.

    Competitive Matchmaking

    A 5v5 ranked matchmaking gamemode. It is identical to the Stopwatch gamemode, but it is limited to 5v5 and matches players based on their rank. (Currently, the matchmaking is near nonexistent and unranked solo queue players will often match up against a 5-stack of high-level players.)



    A community-run organization that scheduled competitive PUGs, scrims, and tournaments back in the Alpha and early Closed Beta phases. Eventually became defunct and replaced by Dirty Cups during the last few Closed Beta phases and the Open Beta.

    A community-run organization that hosted several weekly tournaments that had the support of Splash Damage. Prior to its closing, Dirty Cups was hosting a month-long League that was to end in a tournament of the top placed teams for a prize of $3,000 generously provided by Splash Damage themselves. On August 8, 2015, 2 of the 3 co-founders mysteriously closed services down possibly due to time restraints and fatigue.

    A successor to Dirty Cups after its closing, the community-run organization led by several top players as well as 1 of the co-founders of Dirty Cups has just started to gain traction. With the support of the community, the group successfully ran an invite tournament of the top 16 teams in the game as its first tournament on August 30, 2015.


    Dirty Bomb takes concepts and mechanics from various other FPS games. The game has undergone multiple major reworks of its system (besides the core gameplay elements). The inclusion of unique mercenaries lends to a fast-paced game with distinct gameplay from every mercenary.


    A large emphasis has been made on making movement incredibly smooth and Wolf:ET-esque. That effort has been made in the exclusion of the freerunning aspect in Brink, and instead opts for faster running speed in comparison to Brink, as well as wall jumping to traverse holes in the floor, reach a higher floor, or cross between buildings.


    Every mercenary is unique. Each has different skills, weapons, health, and movement speed. Unlike other FPS games, these loadouts are set in place. However, there are alternate loadouts received through a crate and key system (See "F2P System") that includes different weapons and perks (passive abilities that range from being able to throw grenades back at enemies or reduced footstep sound by 25%).


    Each mercenary falls under a category that has a specific role. These roles are Assault, Fire Support, Objective Specialist/Engineer, Medic, and Recon/Sniper. Although each mercenary has different abilities, the general playstyle for those that fall under the same category is unchanged, although they vary on how fast/slow the game becomes.

    F2P System

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    Currently, there are various forms of a F2P system in the game. For starters, mercenaries are locked, with only 2 of them available to new players permanently at the start (Skyhammer and Aura), and 3 others on rotation, similar to League of Legends. Mercenaries are purchasable with 50,000 in-game credits (with a few only costing 30,000), or with real money.

    Taking from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's crate and key system, the game includes alternate loadouts that are received through crates. In a previous version of the game, there were also cosmetic skins for both mercenaries and guns, however this system is currently undergoing a revamp, as cosmetic mercenary skins have been integrated with the loadout system. Cases are purchasable with in-game credits and also randomly drops at a match's conclusion. These cases DO NOT require real money to be opened. There are also real money cases that drops the top 3 card rarities, forgoing the bottom 3 card rarities.

    Currently, there are 6 obtainable card rarities; Lead, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Cobalt.

    Lead: Has 1 augment slot

    Iron: Has 2 augment slots

    Bronze: Has 3 augment slots

    Silver, Gold, Cobalt: Weapon and character skins.

    Bronze is the highest tier necessary for game play, as the 3 rarities above Bronze bring nothing other than cosmetics.

    There is a 7th card rarity that was only available to closed beta testers and players who purchased a Founder's Pack, Obsidian. Splash Damage's current plan for Obsidian cards are to have them obtainable through special events.


    Every mercenary has a distinct weapon under the categories of

    • Assault Rifle
    • SMG
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Revolver
    • Melee

    There are currently 15 mercenaries available, with 4 having been removed until further notice.


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    - Uses a shotgun and SMG.

    - Can deploy proximity mines

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a shotgun and SMG.

    - Can throw sticky bombs and manually detonate them.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an SMG and pistol.

    - Can set up a sentry turret.

    Fire Support

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an assault rifle and pistol.

    - Can call in an artillery strike 2 times (Charges refresh after a cooldown.).

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an assault rifle and revolver.

    - Can throw a molotov and deploy an ammo station.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an assault rifle and pistol.

    - Can call in a carpet bomb and throw ammo bags.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an assault rifle and pistol.

    - Can call in an orbital laser and deploy an ammo station.


    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a LMG and revolver.

    - Can throw concussion grenades.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a shotgun and revolver.

    - Can equip a minigun (Cooldown becomes an "overheat" function. Unlimited ammo.)

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a LMG and revolver.

    - Can throw frag grenades.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an SMG and pistol.

    - Can equip a grenade launcher with 5 grenades (Charges refresh after a cooldown.).


    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a shotgun and pistol.

    - Can deploy a healing station.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an SMG and revolver.

    - Can heal in a radius around himself and can also self-revive.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an SMG and pistol.

    - Can throw medkits.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a medi-gun to revive and deal damage.

    - Can throw medkits. (Instant heal instead of the regular regeneration healing)


    No Caption Provided


    - Uses a sniper rifle and SMG.

    - Can throw a heartbeat sensor that marks enemies.

    No Caption Provided

    Red Eye

    - Uses a semi-automatic rifle and pistol.

    - Can throw smoke grenades and has infrared vision that marks enemies.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an auto-sniper rifle and pistol.

    - Can throw a sticky camera.

    No Caption Provided


    - Uses an SMG and a katana. (Previously had a sniper rifle).

    - Has the ability to cloak.

    Currently Unavailable

    No Caption Provided

    Turtle - Speculated to have a deployable defensive wall.

    Javelin - Speculated to have a rocket launcher.


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