Who owns the rights?

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#1 Posted by Nemesis2K (198 posts) -

I want this on iPad NOW!

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Well, the original two games were published by Psygnosis, which is now Sony Computer Entertainment Studio Liverpool. Unless the rights were passed off at some point (or simply left alone), my best guess is that Sony owns the rights to them.

...that said, they didn't stop a Sega Saturn port, so I wouldn't rule out an iPad version appearing.

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Would be awesome. They're my favourite point and click adventures. The first one was devilishly hard, though. Walking around for hours using everything on everything, hearing "That doesn't work" probably a million times.

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#4 Posted by BlackLagoon (1925 posts) -

The ScummVM guys were working on getting it released as freeware a few years back, I believe they had Terry Paratchet's support and all. But apparently there's some legal issue that they're unable to resolve and there's been no movement for a while now, making any future releases unlikely. In any case, ScummVM does support it, and runs on jailbroken iOS devices at least.

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