One of the things I enjoy the most about the game

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Its not the stealth, or the story or the choices those are all great for sure but the one thing that I think is actually REALLY neat is the heart. Yes, you use it to find bone charms and what not but when it is introduced there is a piece of information that most people might gloss over and that is if you point it at someone and press the "LT" heart will talk to you and basically more or less whisper their inner thoughts to you. This is interesting because sometimes people that you would expect to be otherwise upstanding citizens can actually have some dark secrets. I don't know why I think this is so neat but being able to peer into the minds of any character at a whim is a really interesting tool.

For instance.....

I just peered into the thoughts of the Ma'dam of the Golden Cat. And found out that she completely emotionally detaches herself from her girls and whats more she dumps their bodies in the river. Like that is a little messed up.....

Anywho, I thought it was a neat little addition to the game. Anyone else been using it?

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I use it nearly all the time. I've had times where the heart would comment on itself. That in combination with what Piero says about the essence/soul and his ability to keep a heart beating/alive using electricity, really creeped me out.

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Oh so that's what it's talking about. I pressed LT by accident swimming around the water after picking up a rune and it began speaking. Never really figured what that was. I'll have to try that now, thanks.

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Yeah, i agree, that really is the best feature indeed.

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I use it a bunch, but in the heat of missions often forget about the feature until the next spot of downtime. At least it means I'm already looking forward to replaying this stuff at some point in future and discovering more about these characters.

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Absolutely, it does add a lot of flavor to the area's you are in and even to the random citizen walking the streets. The information the heart lets out about her past is the most interesting, I was in the bottle street distillery and the heart was telling me about when she used to buy the elixir's there. She also has quite a few disparaging things to say about the Overseer's as well, which makes me think she was possibly persecuted by them.

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That sounds really sound. Is everything it says unique to the person, or does it sometimes say the same thing more than once?

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@Meltac said:

That sounds really sound. Is everything it says unique to the person, or does it sometimes say the same thing more than once?

When you point it an NPC it'll give you some flavor dialog (main characters will get a few). When it's activated while not pointed at NPCs, you'll get information about the zone you're in. They repeat after a while.

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I keep forgetting about that, accidentally using it while holding it out.. I did like what the heart had to say about the Void area you were in when you get it, Gives you this small understanding that theres things going on bigger than the events of the game

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I've only just gotten it; haven't even left the bar with it yet, and love what it does.

"The other servants don't like her very much" -- "She hides her hands" -- "They put river water in the wine"

It's a really cool way of letting you find out about the world and the characters without making it audio diaries, or overheard conversations.

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I wonder what happens when you read the thoughts of the thug in prison in the bridge level who betrays you if you free and follow him.

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Only played for about two hours (XCOM and Borderlands 2 eats up most of my time), but I agree that feature is excellent. From what I have seen so far the atmosphere and such of the world is brilliant. Like the overseer of the guys who throw the bodies in the river at the beginning of the first mission. "He misses his life at sea." These are normal people, with normal lives. I was already going to try and not kill that many, but now I will doubly try so.

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oh as soon as I get to a new area or find a new person I just Work that heart into telling me everything. Some of the stuff she says is hella Depressing though!

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