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Dishonored Review

You are going to play the part of Corvo the protector to the Empress of Dunwall and her daughter. You have been sent on a mission to discover if the mysterious plague that seems to be infesting the city is happening in any of the neighboring cities. You do it with such skill that you actually come back early. Little do you know that you're playing into the hands of a corrupt individual who will take your early arrival and make the city believe that you are the one who assassinates the Empress. You will be thrown into jail, and sentenced to death, but there are those out there who will need your help, and so your demise will not go according to plan.

Graphically this game looked amazing, I could see hints of BioShock style characters, but overall I was very impressed by what I saw. You'll get to see several different locales around the island that the city sits upon. You'll get to go to a masquerade ball, you'll have to crawl through sewers, you'll have to go through several different buildings. You'll see where the rich still live and the pieces of the city that have fallen into disrepair thanks to the plague. You'll be met with weepers, zombie-esque looking enemies that will attack once you get close. You'll also have to deal with the hoards of rats that will try to spread their fun little disease.

The music was haunting, that's all I can really say about it. You'll see a change in tempo when you have been spotted or are under attack. The voice work was top notch, I won't spoil it for you if you don't know but there are some big names attached to this game that I think you'll enjoy.

The controls for the most part felt good. I had a couple of issues having my blink power and my gun be the same button. There were times where I accidentally switched over while trying to be stealthy and then ended up shooting the gun, and as everyone can tell you, if you're trying to sneak around shooting a gun will alert everyone that there's someone there that shouldn't be. There's also a couple of issues with precision. It's kind of odd but I felt like there were times where the controls felt loose, and then there were times, mostly around trying to pick up objects where I thought they were a bit too tight and it got annoying sometimes to try to pick up things.

I had heard about this game, and then forgot about it, then I started hearing some of the review sites rave about it, so it came back on my radar. I have to say that I didn't know what I was getting myself into. The name of the game is stealth, and there's one thing I'm never good at in games, and that's stealth. Your stealthiness will determine how the game plays out, if you go in like Rambo you're going to see the city fall into more chaos, if you can move like a ghost you'll see that the city isn't falling apart as bad. Of course there's still the death of the Empress to deal with, so there's that going on in the city. I did like the assortment of weapons. You'll always have a blade in your right hand, but in your left you'll be able to do many things. Some of those things include shooting a pistol, shooting a crossbow, throwing a grenade, and then there are those magical powers that open up to you during the game. You'll find blueprints throughout the game that will better your weapons and your mask (you'll have this with you always to conceal your identity and to spook the crap out of anyone who tries to face you). There's also runes that you'll collect to unlock your special powers, and then bone charms that will give you little bonuses to help out with healing, dealing with rats, and other things. You'll find yourself with allies that will help you however they can, but will you be able to right the wrongs and save the daughter of the Empress? I guess you'll just have to find out.

This game runs for about 8 hours, and I do wish that there was more to the game, but there's enough here to get sucked in and continuously drawn to to make this worth your while. So if you like first person shooters where the focus is on stealth go run out and pick up this game. I give it a 9.1 out of 10.

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