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    Disk Launcher

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    A gun that launch disks and can rip enemies limbs

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    Disk launchers are fictional weapons. They exists in various forms, they can be energy or projectile weapons. The projectiles have various proprieties like cutting limbs, bouncing against solid surfaces, being guided, being retrievable like shurikens when they land in a accessible surface, explode, etc.


    In Unreal the weapon is called razor jack and fire bouncing shurikens, this weapon is a weapon well suited for indoor combat, this weapon is the only weapon that can do headshots and rip heads with the rifle the secondary fire fires semi controllable razor blades and inclines the weapon at 45°

    Unreal Tournament

    In unreal tournament the weapon is called ripper it's similar to its predecessor but it can launches explosive disks instead of the controlled blades for its secondary fire

    Unreal Championship II

    In championship II the weapon is called rip jack while it's very similar to the ripper, when holding the secondary fire and pressing the primary fire it can launch explosive mines

    Redneck Rampage

    In redneck rampage the weapon is called the ripsaw it launches spinning disks at enemies, it can also be used as a melee weapon

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