Disney Epic Mickey

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 30, 2010

    Oswald the Rabbit and Mickey Mouse battle it out in Warren Spector's re-imagining of Walt Disney's universe in Epic Mickey.

    korne's Disney Epic Mickey (Wii) review

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    Sub Par Platformer

    Epic Mickey is nothing more than a few good ideas thrown into a sub-par platformer. Even with the vast catalogue of characters Disney has to o ffer, the world still seems really flat and uninspired. Pair this with the poor platforming controls, the wonky camera, and the over-simplified paint/thinner puzzles, and you have a bad game. The best part of Epic Mickey is the concept art, which shows us that this game could have had a cool style if taken to a slightly different direction    

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      Epic Mickey Not So Epic? 0

      When I heard the words "Mario Killer" being tossed around about this game, I was of course skeptical at the very least, I mean  who hasn't said that about their platform before? But on second thought, I was like isn't Warren Spector behind this game? If anyone could deliver on the promise of a "Mario Killer" it would totally be the "genius" behind such critical acclaimed games as " Deus Ex" and " Thief" r...

      30 out of 39 found this review helpful.

      Not Exactly Epic but Epic Mickey Is Something Special 0

      What happens when you have the works of Warren Spector mixed with our beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse? The result is a video game that may look familiar to fans of Spector's and Mickey's but at the same time, it's something completely different that takes you in a bizarre journey from start to finish.  ...

      7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

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