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    Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 23, 2014

    Disney Infinity 2.0 focuses on the MARVEL franchise along with some new Disney franchise additions.

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    Also referred to as Disney Infinity 2.0, the game will feature characters from the Avengers, including Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Nick Fury. Each figure will be upgradable, obtaining new abilities in areas such as locomotion or combat as more experience is gained. Other characters teased within the first official trailer include the famous Marvel supervillains, M.O.D.O.K.and Loki.

    The "Infinity Base 1.0," figures, and Power Discs from Disney Infinity 1.0 will work in this version of the game. Toy Boxes made in the first game will also transfer over to the next version of the game.

    Starter Packs:

    All starter packs include the Infinity 2.0 Base. In addition, there are three starter packs with some variations:

    Characters and Playsets

    Wave One Playsets (September 23rd):

    Wave Two Playsets (November 4th):

    Other releases:

    • Crystal Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey - December 5th

    Crossover Characters / Special Missions

    While each character will have a primary play set, some characters will unlock special side missions in alternate sets. Current examples:

    Nova - Primary play set is Ultimate Spider-man, but unlocks special missions in both Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.

    Rocket Raccoon - Primary play set is Guardians of the Galaxy, but unlocks special missions in the Avengers set.

    Changes from Infinity 1

    • Characters now have a branching skill tree, instead of always having a default set of moves/abilities. Each type of character (flyer, brawler, ranged attack, etc.) will have similar types of moves, but each will be customized for individual characters.
    • Characters no longer have specific Toy Box adventures
    • The level cap has been increased from 15 to 20
    • Sparks come in multiple colors; in addition to standard XP sparks, Infinity 2 also includes Purple sparks to power up special moves, and orange sparks that act as temporary XP multipliers.
    • Characters who are knocked out while in a playset will re-spawn after a set time, instead of being automatically re-assembled.
    • Toy Boxes can be directly connected to one another, so that passing through a specific door or portal can send the character to a new Toy Box
    • More Toy Box buildings will have interiors, which will include specific decorations.
    • No more random spins to get toys in the Toy Box; toys will be earned through playsets, or simply purchased using sparks.
    • Toy Boxes can be shared directly between friends.

    Infinity 1 use with Infinity 2

    • All infinity 1.0 characters will work with Infinity 2.0
    • Infinity 1.0 characters will have skill trees similar to Infinity 2.0, but will not have the same customization of special moves.
    • All 1.0 power discs will work with Infinity 2.0

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