Why this game is going to be AWESOME

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Before I go any further into this watch this video,

If by the end of this video you don't see why this is going to be a great game please just leave your "They ripped off Skylanders" post and be on your way.

Ok so first off I want to say, The platforming sections of the game are based on Toy Story 3 and as someone with a 5 year old son I loved Toy Story 3. It had the perfect mix of simple intuitive controls that could be easily grasped by a five year old and still was engaging and complex enough to keep the attention of someone who has been gaming for 20+ years. My son has beaten it on his own once, We have beaten it together once, And we have spent A LOT of time messing around in the toybox (everything unlocked)

Second the racing elements of the game are based on Cars 2 which again is a game I bought for me and my son to play, We haven't put as much time into this one as we have ToyStory 3 but it is still a damn fine kids racing game, Again with intuitive controls that a five year old can understand and kept me pretty interested for a while (Most Wanted pulled me away) It is a very smooth cart racing game with a pretty good combat system built into it.

So what I'm saying is that the bulk of the gameplay in Infinity is taken from (and enhanced) two of the best kids games I have played this generation, possibly ever. And that on it's own would be enough for me to buy the game, Just for the Playset stuff. But the big draw of this game is the ToyBox mode which is.... well if you watched the above video you already know it's looking awesome.

So here is a crazy video from the presentation about Infinity (They all run in order)

Now I am really excited for this game and have watched all of these but I will say you should probably start on video 2.

Now since I know there is going to be a lot of talk about Skylanders here I just want to touch on the topic for a second.

When Skylanders first came out I was pretty interested, I thought it would be a good game to play with my son and even though there would be a big cost in buying all the collectible figures it would be a fun thing that the two of us could do together. Then we started seeing gameplay video and it looked boring, At that point my interest in Skylanders started to fade a little and I decided to hold off on buying it. A little while after it came out I got the chance to play it, And it was boring.

Now don't get me wrong here, I know it's going to come across that way but I'm really not trying to shit on Skylanders and make this a whole "Fuck Skylanders, Infinity Rulez" sorta thing. It's just that the gameplay of Skylanders is very simple (That would be good for my son) but I was bored after playing around with it for about 10 minutes. This is why I am so interested in Infinity, The gameplay in Skylanders is kind of a gauntlet meets spyro and some other crap whereas infinity is more of a Toy Story 3 meets Cars 2 and some insane level editor. If that makes any sense.... Well just watch these, Which would you rather play?


And that's just one example of the three different worlds that are going to be out at launch. (The other 2 are Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters University) Ok so I have been going for a while now and have kinda lost the point I was trying to make at the start here....

Anyway, For me anyway the main draw of this game is the level editor, It seems to be really powerful and could allow for so many different options ie: Racing, Combat, Arena, PvP, Full on custom levels and just a whole lot more. They haven't shown a ton about it yet but what has been shown has really impressed me. if you didn't bother watching the first video in this post but still read to this point I'll say go back to that first video and watch it from 4:00-5:00 that part of the video is only one minute long but gives a real taste of just how much crazy crap you could make in the level editor.

What this all means to me is that in the pre-made character Playsets I can get the same kind of great experiences that me and my son had playing through both ToyStory 3 & Cars 2, And then once we are done playing through those I can start getting the creative juices flowing and build all sorts of crazy levels, worlds, games, races, ect, ect, ect... for us to play through. And that is the thing that has me really looking forward to this. Well that and the outside chance that they will actually listen to their fan base and put out some stuff from the Disney Afternoon era. I mean damn I would love to play this with Playsets & characters from Ducktales, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck or Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers. Anyway I'm done for now (hope it made sense, I'm tired)

And that my friends is why this game is going to be awesome.

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Here are some gameplay videos

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