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Developed by Disney Interactive, Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood is a simulation building and crafting game that was released in June of 2012 on Facebook, October of 2012 on, and then a year later for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android in October of 2013.


After receiving a distressing letter from your Aunt Virginia who is in need of unknown help, the player arrives at the family estate unable to locate her whereabouts. As the player begins searching around the Mistwood Family Estate, they rescue David - The Ghost Hunter and meet Botkin - The Cursed Gipsy. The backstory of your missing aunt begins to unravel as you learn about The Dark Spirit and how he's kidnapped Aunt Virginia. Shortly after, the player meets the first of many ghosts who haunts the family estate, Elizabeth, who offers clues to help find your missing aunt in exchange for restoring the family's home, Mistwood Manor. This begins the core game loop of helping ghosts solve, settle, or discover unresolved problems from their past lives in exchange for clues or items to help find and rescue Aunt Virginia from The Dark Spirit.

Crossovers and Appearances

Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood has had quite a few character crossovers from other Disney games, television shows, and theme park attractions. Botkin has appeared in at least two other Disney games; Disney's GnomeTown and his own game, titled Botkin's Hidden Cove. In October of 2012, a limited time quest line was available in the game around the ABC television show Pretty Little Liars and the shows upcoming Halloween special. Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters have appeared on holiday ornaments and on a limited time holiday train. In October of 2013, the three Hitch Hiking Ghosts along with the Haunted Mansion from Walt Disney World were available as a special quest.

Hidden Mickeys

In true Disney fashion the game has contained many Hidden Mickeys that can be found by observant players. While the exact number isn't currently known the most notable ones can be found on the Mistwood family estate gates.


On March 20th 2014, an in game pop-up appeared informing players that Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood would be closed and no longer available for play after April 20th 2014. Players have expressed their dismay and sadness over this decision on the game's forums. On March 21st 2014, an online petition was created aimed at getting Disney to reverse the decision and keep the game available for play. Over a 1,000 signatures were collected within the first seven days.


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