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    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Sep 03, 2003

    A skating game featuring characters from popular Disney franchises.

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    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is a competitive skateboarding game featuring Disney characters from The Lion King, Toy Story and Tarzan. The game follows the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater template, allowing players to combine grabs, flips and grinds and link them together with manuals. The courses are built to resemble areas from the corresponding movies, with the exception of the hub world Olleywood which is closer to a regular real-life skating park.

    The game was released on the GBA, Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.


    Using the same engine as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure utilized a free roam system. Goals were scattered throughout the various maps and could be attempted upon approach. A point system was also in place for performing tricks using objects in the environment. Outfits and other unlockables could be bought with stars earned by completing goals and challenges.


    Three themed worlds came with the game, as well as a zone based on real life metropolitan skate parks called Olleywood. Each world included its own set of playable characters that the player could choose. The player could also create a character with in-games tools. Using these tools, and unlockables, the player could choose to skate with this character in any environment.

    Toy Story

    The Toy Story themed environments included Andy's Room and Pizza Planet. The playable characters themed to this world were Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Emperor Zurg.

    The Lion King

    The Lion King themed zone included sections of Pride Rock and the Deep Jungle. Playable characters included Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, Rafiki and Nala.


    The Tarzan themed environments included the Base Camp and the Canopy. Playable characters included Tarzan, Jane, Tantor and Terk.


    Players could also skate in Olleywood, a hub world complete with missions that unlocked items for custom characters. Two children were also default chacters in the world. The two kids were modeled after real-life counterparts that had won a contest.


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