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Get those bananas.
Get those bananas.
Help Tarzan through new challenges and enemies. In this game you will start off with Tarzan as a little boy, then later on he will grow into an adult. You learn your basic jungle skills from Terk. You need to help turn those basic skills into something amazing in order to beat the evil Queen  La.  The Queen wants to use the jungle for horrible things, she wants to take it over and do what ever she wants with it.  You are with Jane and Professor Porter and you have to try to stop her. You need to search  the Lost City of Opar and rescue dinosaur eggs from poachers.


Collecting bananas along the way will help you a lot in this game. Collect a lot of them and you will earn yourself an extra life. Some levels you swim underwater, but the problem is that Tarzan cannot stay down there forever. If he is underwater too long he will drown. So be sure that you give him a chance to breathe. Throughout levels there are checkpoints just in case you die. They are there so that you don't have to start the whole level over again, which could have been very frustrating. There are a total of 5 'worlds' that you have to play through. Each one of them have 5 levels within them. They vary from being on top of the jungle to under the water, so there is plenty of variety.



These guys will not let you escape unless you defeat them. They never give up and will chase you if you try to run away.


You should do whatever it takes to stay away from the beehives otherwise you will disturb the bees. That would not be a good thing at all.


These fish will not harm you unless you get too close to them, they will puff up and if you hit it on accident you will get a poisonous sting.


The boar will chase you, so your best bet is to fight it and defeat it. Otherwise these things can be a big problem.

Bounty Hunter

These guys have whips so it is a good idea to keep your distance away from them.  Try to shoot arrows or other stuff at them to kill them.

Bounty Pirate

This pirate is really big and strong. He throws barrels so you better watch out. Your best bet is just to stay away from him.


Watch out for the crocodiles sharp teeth, and his tail that can really smack you around.

Dinosaur Hunter

To defeat these guys you should shoot at them while moving because they have a problem with hitting moving targets.

Man Eating Plant

Stay away from these, they cannot chase you.  They will practically try to eat you if you get too close.


This is a huge cat that is super fast. They have big teeth and sharp claws. Stay away from them.


These things come in groups and have very sharp teeth. When they see you the will swarm you until you escape.


The pirates try to kill you with their long, sharp sword.


Do not accidentally step on one of these things, because their spikes will injure you severely.


You will find the raptors to be a huge problem for you. They will chase you until you manage to kill them.


Jump over these creatures so they don't end up stinging you.


These snakes will try to eat you whole if you get too close. Sometimes they will swing on the vines you swing from. Watch out for them.


They have horns on their head and they have a very bad temper. He will charge at you, and you do not want to get hit by that.


Do not wake these creatures, or else they will go crazy on you.  They will wildly snap at you.

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