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Disney's Tarzan Untamed is an action game first released on the PS2 before being ported onto the Gamecube as a lauch title.  

Game modes

The game is split into two modes: 
- story mode: You play as Tarzan through 15 story driven levels. The story takes place shortly after the movie. Tarzan and Jane are living a peaceful life in the jungle when Oswald Gardner  and a band of brutal British explorers come into the jungle, kidnapping apes. Oswald wants to capture Tarzan and bring him back to England. You explore different parts of the jungle including a swamp and an elephant graveyard. 
- Terk's challenge: In this mode, you get to replay levels from the story mode to try to beat your score, unlocking new moves for Tarzan and new playable characters such as Jane. 


Tarzan jumps around the jungle with ease. He can use spears, slide on branches, swing on vines and yell. He can also waterskii, surf and go bungie jumping. He can also do special tricks such as a corkscrew or a ground tumble. 
The controls are mapped as follows (gamecube controller): 
- A: jump 
- B: grab an object 
- X: yell 
- Y: fires spear. You automatically lock on to an enemy when doing this. 
- R analog pad: tricks 
It is also to be noted that the games runs in 60 fps on the Gamecube while 30 on the PS2.

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