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    Disney's Toy Story

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released December 1995

    A game based on the popular animated movie of the same name.

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    Toy Story is a licensed side-scrolling platformer. It includes different stages such as driving stages. It is based on the 1995 CGI animated Pixar movie of the same name.

    Sheriff Woody is Andy's favorite toy, but the arrival of Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear threatens to upset Woody's top spot. Despite their differences, they are forced to work together when the two of them are accidentally separated from Andy and the other toys.

    Each level is built around a distinct objective, from finding objects to races to ensuring everyone's in the right positions before Andy appears. The game uses pre-rendered sprites to recreate the CGI characters of the movie for a 2D platformer. It closely follows the plot of the movie, unlike many other movie to video game adaptations, and features a lot of text-based interstitial screens for plot exposition.


    Players use their whip to stun enemies.
    Players use their whip to stun enemies.

    It's Andy's birthday and he receives a gift in the form of Buzz Lightyear, and Andy's other toys get jealous. Woody the cowboy has long been Andy's favorite toy, and Woody fears he is being replaced by Buzz. This pushes Woody get rid of Buzz by knocking him out a window. This makes the conflict between Woody and Buzz all the worse. Eventually the two a stranded far away from home, and they need to work together to get back to Andy. They will fight many through many different situations and obstacles before getting home, and this journey makes them friends.


    Plays very much like Outrun.
    Plays very much like Outrun.

    Toy Story is largely a side-scrolling platformer with the occasional gameplay twist. Players control Woody as he travels through many different scenes and environments from the movie. Woody can run, jump, and use his pull string as a whip. The pull string has a variety of uses: players will use it for attacking enemies and as a grappling hook. Levels either have players traveling from point A to point B or beating an objective to open the exit.

    The objectives may include tasks such as cleaning up the toys in Andy's room. The game also includes some driving sections; players will ride on top of an R/C car trying to make it to the goal as fast as possible. These R/C levels will play from a top-down, side-scrolling, or behind-the-back perspective depending where players are in a level. When the perspective is behind-the-back, it plays similarly to Outrun. There are a few other levels, such as a level where players search through a maze in a first-person perspective.


    • A: Whip
    • B: Jump
    • X: Whip
    • Y: Jump
    • Start: Skip/Pause


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