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And then everything went very, very wrong.
And then everything went very, very wrong.

Five years after his adventure on Treasure Planet, Jim Hawkins is about to graduate from the Royal Navy Academy. However, mysterious ships known as 'Ironclads' begin to appear on the Frontier, just as peace negotiations are underway with the Procyons. Jim begins to unravel the mystery behind these strange ships, and discovers that a massive conspiracy is afoot, possibly involving a certain pirate from his past...


Whales, the most majestic of all Space creatures.
Whales, the most majestic of all Space creatures.

Although space is 3-dimensional, combat is more similar to standard naval combat simulators, and movement is thus limited to a flat plane. Players control their ships mostly via mouse clicks, both for movement and ordering attacks on other ships. Various weapons can be mounted on the players' ship, including light, medium and heavy cannons, grappling hooks, and other special weapons such as Grav charges and lasers. Weapon banks must be facing an enemy in order to be fired. Different sections of enemy ships can be targeted to achieve different results; for example, taking out solar sails will essentially cripple a ship, allowing the player to attack at their leisure. Natural obstacles such as currents, asteroids, and black holes must be taken into account when navigating. Assigning officers of specific skills to certain positions onboard will improve the ships performance. Having more crew members also increases your chances during boarding, which can be attempted after a ship has been successfully grappled.

Skirmish Mode and Multiplayer

Besides the main campaign, Battle At Procyon also includes special scenarios that can be attempted, as well as a multiplayer component. Players can specially outfit their ships during scenarios by spending an allotted number of Victory Points on crew, ship type, and weapons. AI bots which can also be outfitted by the player are available for multiplayer, which no longer has official server support from Disney, although LAN play is still possible.

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