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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 20, 1996

    Use a variety of futuristic weaponry, as well as versatile psychic powers using "Psionic" implants, in this sci-fi first person shooter for the PS1.

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    Disruptor is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Insomniac Games and published by Universal Interactive Studios for the Sony PlayStation in North America on November 20, 1996, with a release by Interplay in both Europe (on December 1996) and Japan (on April 1997).

    The first game developed by long-running studio Insomniac Games and originally prototyped for the 3DO, Disruptor plays similar to other first-person shooters of the era with a unique twist: players gradually gain access to special "Psionics" for both restorative and destructive powers. In addition, the game features full-motion video cutscenes.

    Set in the far future, Disruptor puts players in control of Jack Curtis, a new recruit of the United Earth's elite LightStormer Corps. Under orders from his superior officer and older brother Blake, Jack must rise through the ranks, eventually getting caught up in a conspiracy involving his Psionic power.



    One unique aspect of the game is the "Psionics" system, which is a set of supernatural abilities acquired through Jack's psionic implants. These utilize a shared energy meter (shown on the bottom-right of the HUD) and are activated separate from Jack's weaponry.

    • Shock (5 pt.) - Launches a short-ranged electrical blast. First acquired in Mission 2.
    • Drain (1 pt.) - Launches a barrage of orbs at an enemy to weaken them, which can re-form into larger orbs that can be collected to replenish psionic points. First acquired in Mission 3
    • Heal (20 pt.) - Restores 20% of Jack's HP. First acquired in Mission 4.
    • Blast (25 pt.) - Launches a room-clearing explosive orb, dealing high damage and leaving replenishing orbs in its wake. First acquired in Mission 6. Upgraded to TeraBlast in Mission 10, where its destructive power can phase through walls.


    • 18mm Automatic (Clips) - Simple fully-automatic sidearm. In the training mission, players instead start with a semi-automatic 18mm Pistol before finding the standard Automatic version.
    • Phase Rifle (Cells) - Semi-automatic energy rifle. Can be temporarily upgraded by collecting High Frequency Cells.
    • Phase Repeater (Cells) - Rapid-fire tri-barreled energy rifle that fires in a wide pattern. Can be temporarily upgraded by collecting High Frequency Cells.
    • AM Blaster (AM Canisters) - Dual-barreled energy shotgun.
    • AM Cyclone (AM Canisters) - Energy blaster that fires in five-round bursts.
    • Zodiac - Single-use weapon that activates a destructive blast around Jack.
    • Plasma Lance - Single-use weapon that fires a destructive stream for a lengthy amount, similar to a flamethrower.


    1. The Gauntlet
    2. Chemical Factory
    3. Rooftops
    4. Jupiter Station
    5. Triton
    6. Mars
    7. Antarctica
    8. Io
    9. Reactor
    10. Orbiting Habitat
    11. Dream
    12. Prison
    13. Fortress

    Cheat Codes

    Press the SELECT button enter the code then press it again to return to gameplay.

    • Invincibility: O, O, Square, O, Triangle, X, X, O
    • Full Life: L1, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, O, Square, O, Triangle
    • Full Psionics: Triangle, X, X, O, X, Triangle, Square, Square
    • Full Ammo: L1, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, O, Triangle, X


    • Created by Insomniac Games
    • Artwork and Game Design: Ted Price and Craig Stitt
    • Programming and Game Design: Alex Hastings and Brian Hastings
    • Artwork: David Ehlers, Travis Price and Martin Bruinsma
    • In Association with Universal Interactive Inc.
    • Executive Producer: Mark Cerny
    • Producer: Michael John
    • Production Design: Catherine Hardwicke
    • Conceptual Design: Stephen Alesch and Luis Hoyos
    • Music: David Bergeaud
    • Sound Effects by Universal Sound Editing: Ron Horwitz, Kevin Spears and Rich Cusano
    • In-Game Voice: Tami Heide
    • Quality Assurance Manager: Craig Perkins
    • Quality Assurance: Micheal Alphonzo, Joe Labbe II and Steve Rosenthal
    • Additional Programming: John Brooks
    • Additional Artwork: Mark Glaser, Dallas Good and Kieron Lo
    • Addtional Character Design: Brandon Humphries, Barry Pringle and Willis Wong
    • Special Thanks to: Rob Biniaz, Kelly Flaherty, Naughty Dog Inc., Nick Earl, Roxanne Lippel, Donna Smith and Don Zepfel

    FMV Credits

    • Don Jeffcoat as Jack Curtis
    • Vaughn Armstrong as President Krieger
    • Christine Champion as Eve
    • Anthony Palermo as Blake Curtis
    • Trae Thomas as Troy Alexander
    • MCA Television Entertainment: Barbara Fisher, Randy Levinson and Angela Mancuso
    • Producer: Michael Joyce
    • Director: Adam Weissman
    • Associate Producer: Judy Marlin
    • Screenplay: Peter Hankoff
    • Story Consultation: Carl Cramer and Ken Selden
    • Director of Photography: Kenneth Stipe
    • Production Designer: Curtis Schnell
    • Editor: Terry Stokes
    • CGI Effects: Foundation Imaging
    • Property Master: Brad Brietbarth
    • Gaffer: Bill Marley
    • Key Grip: David Winner
    • Re-Recording Mixer: Peter Reale

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