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An early trailer released in February 2015 appeared to demonstrate team deathmatch gameplay similar to the Gunslinger Stratos series of arcade third-person shooters previously from Taito and Square Enix, but with third-person hack & slash action rather than third-person shooting. Square Enix's 2015 arcade game School of Ragnarok also features similar gameplay.

An updated PS4 version was announced just before E3 2017 entitled Dissidia FInal Fantasy NT. In August of the same year, Square-Enix set January 30th, 2018 as its release date.

Characters & Stages

Final FantasyWarrior of Light, GarlandCornelia
Final Fantasy IIFirion, Emperor Mateus PalameciaPandemonium
Final Fantasy IIIOnion Knight, Cloud of DarknessThe Floating Continent
Final Fantasy IVCecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, GolbezLunar Subterrane
Final Fantasy VBartz Klauser, ExdeathInterdimensional Rift
Final Fantasy VITerra Branford, Kefka, Locke Cole*Narshe Outskirts
Final Fantasy VIICloud Strife, Sephiroth, Tifa Lockhart*Midgar
Final Fantasy VIIISquall Leonhart, Ultimecia, Rinoa Heartilly*The Promised Meadow
Final Fantasy IXZidane Tribal, KujaAlexandria
Final Fantasy XTidus, Jecht, Yuna*Besaid Island
Final Fantasy XI OnlineShantotto, Kam’lanaut*Stellar Fulcrum
Final Fantasy XIIVaan, Vayne Carudas Solidor*,Gabranth*Royal City of Rabanastre
Final Fantasy XIIILightning, Snow Villiers*Eden
Final Fantasy XIV OnlineY'shtola, Zenos yae Galvus*Porta Decumana
Final Fantasy XVNoctis Lucis Caelum, Ardyn Izunia*Insomnia
Final Fantasy TacticsRamzaOrbonne Monastery
Final Fantasy Type-0AceAkademeia's Fountain Courtyard
Dissidia: Final FantasyShinryu, Materia, SpiritusFinal Battlefield

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