An idiot's journey to make a Divekick controller

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Divekick has been out for a while now, and even before it came out I was drawn in by the idea of owning my own silly, two-button controller. Lacking any sort of technical expertise, I knew that I couldn't easily build something like this, but after tossing around a few ideas I came up with one that seemed reasonable. I grabbed a retired keyboard, kite string, and some old flip flops. Nothing can wash away the horrors that those flip flops saw while keeping me safe in dorm showers, but bleach sure helps. The only purchase that needed to be made in this whole process was a ps/2 to usb adaptor. For about five bucks, legacy hardware can be made new once more.

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Scrubbing all the filth off that old keyboard felt pretty good.

I ripped the keys and face plate off the old keyboard, sanitized the heck out of both it and the flip flops, and then tied the flip flops to the face plate so that they wouldn't fall off, but could still move. Reattaching a key under each flip flop gave the necessary dive and kick buttons. I ended up placing them in the "I" and "9" spots since that was comfortable.

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Attaching the flip flops with string rather than keeping them loose both kept the whole thing together and made it feel more like I actually built something.

Now all that was left was to reattach the face plate and decorate!

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The final product, modeled by a friend of mine. Don't be afraid to turn printing errors into art.

Beautiful, right? Just beautiful. Starting into playtesting, it was about as cumbersome as I expected for the first few minutes. What I didn't expect was to get used to it and actually perform about as well as I do with sensible controls. So if anyone out there is like I once was, looking helplessly at people's beautiful Divekick controllers and desiring your own, perhaps my story will inspire you to make your own monstrosity. At the right thrift store, you could probably get all the supplies you need for about 10 bucks. Happy divekicking, everyone!

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What you have created... cannot be uncreated. Look at what you have done! The Lang Zone is made flesh!

This is Divekick at its finest. You have captured its spirit. Well done.

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