Bring Divekick to PC! (Preorder)

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Fuck yeah I'll give Keits $10 just for being a fucking hero.

Actually, if I had the money to spend, I'd probably go for the $3000 tier lol.

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I was just watching GS' interview about this. Seems kinda interesting. First troll to turn into a legit game? Lol I can respect that.

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Everyone should pay money to help develop the one true fighting game.

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Want a mobile version so bad.

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I feel like the joke is flying over my head. Also, I wish I had $3,000 to throw at something this silly.

EDIT: I want to know why it would take $50,000 pledged to get new characters. Am I missing something here, or does he have 10 people under his employ he has to pay? If not, I want to avoid his budget plan.

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@ck1nd: It's about how Dive Kick attacks are especially effective in many fighting games and often, matches will devolve into the Dive Kicking player repeatedly Dive Kicking over and over again until they win. This has been going on for a while, but really rose to prominence during the SFIV era when a lot of the top players in the USA used Rufus with a game plan of Dive Kicking until one hit, allowing them to combo. This continued with MvC3 where the cheapest/winningest character, Wolverine, had a particularly abusive Dive Kick. Dive Kicking transitioned into SSFIV:AE with the addition of Yun and Yang, undeniably two of the top 3 characters at the time, both with extremely powerful Dive Kicks. Finally with the release of UMvC3 Doctor Doom received considerable buffs and became an instant staple of many teams with a majority of his combos consisting of 8+ Dive Kicks. Honorable mentions include Cammy with her Cannon Strike pseudo Dive Kick before the nerf and Trish with one of the best Dive Kicks ever made stapled onto an otherwise below-average character. Shoutouts to Viscant for Dive Kicking his Dark Phoenix right into a Tron Level 3 to reset the Evo2k11 Grand Finals bracket.

EDIT: Well, we know that there's Keits and his Lead Programmer Kevin Frances from the Kickstarter description. Keep in mind they're also going to hire a QA firm, and they're also going to have to pay licensing and legal fees. I don't personally know anything about what this might cost in total, but it can't be cheap. Also remember that Amazon and Kickstarter both take a pretty hefty cut. I can't remember how much it is exactly but if they manage to raise 30k, they're only going to be taking home something around 23k I believe.

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@StarvingGamer: I was actually following you until that last line where I swear you turned into an alien, lol. I get it now, though. I guess I'm just a little surprised at the amount of backing this type of thing is getting. I guess maybe it's only because he is a well known person or that there is a lot more to it than my brain can identify.

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@ck1nd: Fighting games are systems for people to prove their superiority in three areas: Execution, Prediction, and Reaction. Execution is, for most people, the most difficult of these three skills to obtain. Hitting multiple complex commands in sequence accurately timed within 1/60th of a second is something that only comes with extensive practice. Dive Kick gets right past this and is a pure test of Prediction and Reaction. The rules and controls can be understood within a minute allowing beginners to immediately match their intellect and dexterity against their friends in a fair setting. Anyone who has ever thought to themselves, "I could be amazing at (x fighting game) if I only had the time," can play Dive Kick and know that their victories and defeats are because of their personal aptitude, not their hours invested.

Basically Dive Kick is a fighting game in its purest form, made accessible to everyone without sacrificing the satisfaction of earning that win.

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Hope it makes some moneys, I'd buy it!

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