omg mega hype

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How long until all the love and hype this game is getting fades into the inevitable realization that it's really not that good?

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It's a GIF, so you can click it if you want.

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I don't care if it's good or not, I'm having fun with it.

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#4 Posted by Bigandtasty (3145 posts) -

never, sucka

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#5 Posted by billymagnum (900 posts) -

i dont find anything special about it past a humorous drinking game but to each his own. there seems to be a good amount of people into it and hey more power to them. does it bother you?

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#6 Posted by Itwongo (1735 posts) -

Love this gaaaaame

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#7 Posted by turboman (9103 posts) -

The game is good and extremely competitive.

Get out if you don't like it.

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No hype. All of that has died off for me already. Now I'm just enjoying an awesome game.

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#9 Posted by ShaggE (8393 posts) -

So... all this fun I'm having... is a lie!? Shit, I really need to stop playing games for personal enjoyment as if that were the entire reason for their existence or something.

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#10 Posted by UlquioKani (1372 posts) -

From looking at the quick look, there seems to be more to the game than just a joke. It looks like it plays simply but the different kick and dive behaviors for the different characters as well as the super moves seems to add a lot of depth. I think when Jeff was talking about how making the game simple means people can get to the meta game aspect faster is spot on.

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I'll give it a month or so until it drops off of the radar.

I like the game enough, but I don't see it becoming super popular casually or on the competitive scene.

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You should play it its pretty good

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I gotta say when I first picked this up yesterday on PS3 I played through the story and thought 'Well this was a waste of £8'. I felt pretty bummed about it, like I'd been duped by all the hype on GB.

Buuutttttt...I started playing online and played some more story stuff and something clicked. Its much deeper than it at first appeared and I started to have a whole butt load of fun with it. Its pretty great actually.

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It's a good game actually, it's thoughtfully designed so that it's broken down to the bases of what a fighting game is. Even though the control is simple, i think the game is actually geared towards the more hardcore fighting game fans, not the casual ones.

It's like every round is the last round in a close match where both guys are down to the last bit of health and the next hit wins.

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