Update #1: The Baz got Nerfed to hell

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Hey everyone! We are releasing a patch today that contains a few small gameplay changes along with the usual set of bug fixes and improvements to matchmaking. Check it out! (The update is now available on Steam and in the SCEE (Europe, Australia) regions on Playstation 3 and Vita. SCEA (North America, Brazil) region update is coming soon.)

General Changes

- The leaderboard can now scroll past 100 without any issues.

- Improvements have been made to make finding and joining ranked and unranked matches faster and more reliable. Changes were also made to help players join find lobbies when searching.

- Your CR (Character Rating) value should now be accurate when playing online.

- (PSN ONLY) Fixed a rare crash that would occur at the end of an online match.

- (STEAM ONLY) Fixed a rare desync during online play.

- (STEAM ONLY) Fixed an issue that allowed your screen saver to pop up during gameplay.

Gameplay Changes

The Baz - These changes were made to encourage more thoughtful play. Baz will have access to his moves more often, and making tactical choices with them will be much more meaningful now that, at best, Kickfactor gets you only one round.

- Builds meter ~14% faster.

- Kickfactor now ends if you get a kill with it and will not carry over to the next round.

- Kickfactor is half a second shorter.

- Two Kickfactor Baz players will now pass through each-other instead of a Double KO.

Kenny -

- Baz stance has the same changes Baz has undergone.

- Fixed a bug that was preventing Kenny from getting the correct speed bonus from his stance in Kickfactor after starting a new round with Kickfactor already enabled.

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I don't know, more uses of Shocker during a match sounds pretty scary to me.

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I haven't played with this update, but it seems to me like they've maybe actually improved Baz.

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I think that The Baz not keeping kickfactor into the next round and the reduced kickfactor time is pretty big. I don't know about anybody else but I had a hard time not automatically giving two rounds to a Baz player in kickfactor.

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@oscar__explosion: True, but with significantly faster meter building, more Baz players will manage to survive long enough to get into Kickfactor.

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The improvements are totally for the best. Ever since they added Baz's special kickfactor later in development, all anybody ever did was take meter gem, and just meter spam until you hit kickfactor. It discouraged new players from ever learning how to do anything with Baz aside from "oh god, I hope I get kickfactor two times, each time getting about 2 kills with it, then I hope I luck into a 5th kill".

With these changes, maybe people will actually learn to use his special moves properly.

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How comes I can't see it in your link?

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@fluxwavez: got the wrong link, sorry. Updated the OP with the correct link.

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