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So here's the deal, I'm drunk as all hell. BUT!!! this youtube motherfucker known ass TotalBiscuit is taking a shit on the Divekick game, I understand someone might not have paid total attention to the divekick campaign and watched all those hilarious videos of Dave Lang and the crew. But either way he's taking a shit on the game, saying it belongs as a flash game, or a browser game instead of a downloadable game. Now, I wouldn't be so upset about that, but I've had a falling out with that british motherfucker before, and I'm british, so don't hold my language against me, or do, because I sure can't bring myself to care at the moment.

Either way, that guy, that youtube asshole is talking shit about the quality of story and the art as if he hasn't ever seen an indie game before, well maybe, because i have to agree, that divekick isn't the top of the line when it comes to quality or whatever, but it's a goddamned labor of love when it comes to those in the know about fighting games, even if you don't follow the serious championships, you can follow that DiveKick is a funloving jab at those guys.

Shit, I don't know what I'm talking about, but right at the moment that guy, britishbiscuit pissed me off, so I felt the unnecessary need to complain about on the giantbomb forums, and everybody deserves a shot at the drunk idiot me, so the sober, calm me can come back and see what an idiot I've been. or whatever,

Long story short, that total biscuit guy was talking shit about divekick, and I was upset about it, that's it, no more, not a very intense or important thing, but hey i'm drunk off my ass, what do you expect.

Edit: Dave Lang might be proud, reading this bullshit back

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He wasn't really talking shit about it, no.
If you had actually watched the video he said he liked it. but I guess being drunk ass hell lowers the comprehension skills of any person so it's ok!
So to future you, you weren't being an idiot, you were apparantly drunk during a weekday! It's all fine!

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@zeforgotten: Okay, thanks,

to future me, you're an idiot, and you didn't watch the whole video, he probably liked it, dumbass,

thanks @zeforgotten

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@zeforgotten: alright,

future me, you're an alright guy, don't listen to past you, he don't know shit duder,

Thanks @zeforgotten

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This is why drunk posting is punishable on SA.

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@pimpsandwich: Maybe, but that's why GiantBomb is the land of the free, it's a victimless crime,

accept for anybody who read this bullshit, sorry guys, bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm a YouTube duder.

A Youder.

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