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    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Aug 20, 2013

    Rising to prominence through the American fighting game community, Divekick is an indie fighting game that distills the controls into two simple buttons, requiring clever strategy as players try to score the first hit with their divekick attack!

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    Hype train station derailment 0

    It takes a lot for something to win over someone who has already set their mind against it. It's tough to even understand sometimes how such a thing even happens with someone who tries to keep a relatively open mind.Something about Divekick rubbed me the wrong way from the outset. It was a silly little thing then, based on a (not at all funny) joke. But it was still that; just a joke. I didn't care for it at all, but I also didn't have to pay attention to it. A story here and there cropped up f...

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    It may not be as instantly accessible as originally intended but Divekick is still brilliant fun for all 0

    It’s all about that one moment. Everyone who’s ever played or watched a fighting game knows it. It’s the final round, both players have a slither of health left and the next move is pivotal; the difference between success and failure, win or lose. Whether it’s playing against a friend, competing in an online ranked match or watching one of the many tournament streams of the fighting game community, everyone knows that one moment. It’s the veritable height of tension, excitement, elation and angu...

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    Divekick Review 0

    On it's surface Divekick simply looks to be an elaborate, impenetrable “in-joke” designed soley to appeal to the hardcore fighting game community. But if one decides to dig even just a bit deeper, they'll discover that it's actually a fighting game with a surprising amount of depth that distills the genre into it's most basic and exciting form – the mindgame.If you lose five times in a row at a game with two buttons, chances are you're a fraud.In Divekick, gone are the long button combinations ...

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    e un gioco stupendo 0

    e lo giochero a vita e troppo bello per me e ne andro molto fiero di me stessoquanto lo vorrei sul mio dextop ci ho anche incollato sul mio dextop un bel gioco chiamato living hell un gioco horror e splatter dove si ammazzzano i mostri quatrupede...

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    Divekick = Accessibility = Excellence 0

    I will go in by saying that I like fighting games, although in general I am rather poor at them. Divekick has taken some of the basic concepts of spacing, footsies and meter management and thrown all of the rest away (quite literally, as only 2 buttons are used in the entire game). That is not to say that the game is simple by any means. Characters have unique air and ground meter abilities and each kicks at their own unique angle. This provides the ability for a lot of playstyle variety and all...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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