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    Character from Commandos franchise.

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    Vital Statistics

    Title: The Marine/ Diver 
    Place of Birth: Melbourne 
    Country: Australia 
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 181lbs. 
    Special Abilities: Using a scuba gear to dive underwater, silent killing using a combat knife and a harpoon, carrying an inflatable boat.


    1935: Enlists in the Royal Navy
    1936: Promoted to Captain
    1938: Demoted to sergeant after an "incident" during a stopover in Hawaii
    1940: Due to further conduct problems, the General Staff gives him a choice of expulsion from the armed forces or joining the Commandos as an ordinary soldier.

    Military Record


     Receives the Military Cross for heroism after rescuing 45 soldiers who were surrounded on the beach and about to be captured.

    Additional Info

    Dissolute character, loves a good time.
    Great gambler.
    Problems with alcohol apparently under control.
    Naval Engineer, studied at Oxford.
    Member for three years of the rowing team that won the regatta between Oxford and Cambridge.
    Great swimmer; first to swim across the English Channel (On a bet).
    Sailing skills make him invaluable in missions involving naval operations.    

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