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Not good but oddly compelling 0

Divinity II certainly has an interesting premise. The idea is to create and customize your own character, down to the very last detail, and then take him on a very elaborate story involving Dragons and how to kill them. Along the way, the execution falls flat on its face, making Divinity II difficult to recommend. You assume the role of a Dragon Slayer set upon the mythical world of Rivellon with the ultimate goal of becoming a Dragon Knight. Very early on, you are able to choose your class betw...

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Divinity 2 is Gold 0

     When I first started playing this game, I quickly grew board of it and stopped playing it, then for some unknown reason I decided to play it again. I am glad I did. This turned out to be an amazing action adventure game.  Lots of good quests to do, tons of items to buy, later in the game you even own your own Battle Tower and have a large group of people who work for you, from weapon crafters to gathers.  Oh did I forget to say you can morph into a Dragon, that’s right, a dragon. Playing ...

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An ambitious RPG, with a lot of quirks that give it a unique feel 0

Divinity 2: Ego Draconis is a game that looks totally derivative at first glance. It is yet another game set in a Tolkien-esque fantasy world, where everyone speaks with a British accent while wearing armor, swinging swords, and casting spells. It has its own flavor though, and it deviates from your average, typical RPG in a lot of ways that benefit the game significantly. The signature mechanic of Divinity 2 is your ability to assume the form of a dragon, but it also has a lot of subtle benefit...

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A good job...BUT... 1

Divinity 2 well this game cought my eye while i was browsing threw gamestop and i just said well...with gamestops rule its free in a way so what the hell. But to my suprise since no one in gamestop herd anything about it i thought it was going to be a horrible game but it wasent completely the game had great detail and the maps were huge the first map took me like 8 hours to get past and i still didnt finish everything there was to do. and the story was kinda well there has been better *if you d...

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Well worth the patience 0

First of all let's get the bad out of the way. Graphics are not up to par compared to modern rpgs, there is a tendency for the framerate to slow down, controls take a little getting used to, and there are bugs (which can usually be fixed by reloading). Also, the beginning can put off many people for how difficult and slow it may be, but that is how this game is built (you start out as a wimp and later turn god-like).   The game picks up right before the middle of the game (around the battle towe...

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