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Dizzy is the intelligent, boxing glove wearing, egg-like protagonist of the Dizzy series of games. He was designed by the Oliver twins Phillip and Andrew, who later went on to found Blitz Games.

The Yolkfolk

Many of Dizzys' family members appear with him throughout the games. They are often found in need of assistance, but can also provide clues and hints to other problems Dizzy faces.


The egg shape of Dizzy was chosen because the shape was easy to render and rotate/animate on the hardware that he was first conceived - the ZX Spectrum. The character was also named because of this behaviour, all the cartwheeling and rolling meant that he would always be dizzy.


An evergrowing number of excellent fan games can be found at the following page . The release of these games is approved by the franchises owners Codemasters and the original games creators The Oliver Twins.


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