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    Django is the main character in the Boktai series, a vampire hunter who uses the power of the sun.

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    Django is the son of the late Red Ringo, a Solar Child and vampire hunter, and Mani, the Moon Beauty. As such, he carries within him both Solar Child Blood and Lunar Child Blood. When Red Ringo fell in battle to his rival, The Count of Groundsoaking Blood, Django's only living relatives became Sabata, his brother, and Mani.  Aside from this, not much else is known about Django's character pre-Boktai 1.

    Character and Story

    Django is the strong, silent type, though as the series goes on, he becomes more and more inclined to speak. He is a strong believer that he must keep fighting as long as there is breath in his body, because that is all that there is for him. He fights so that peace will soon arise for his hometown San Miguel. Django carries both a Crimson Scarf and the Gun Del Sol, both inheritance from his father after his untimely death at the hands of The Count. Along with his partner, the "Messenger of the Sun" Otenko, Django travels the world fighting the Immortals.
    It is only during the events of Boktai 1, does Django learn of Mani and Sabata. Sabata, who is initially antagonistic towards Django, goads him into a competition of sorts against the Immortals. It is later revealed that Sabata was kidnapped and raised by Hel, Queen of the Immortals, and she infected him with Dark Matter, effectively turning Sabata into a corrupted version of Django (both also share the same appearance, though different in color). Whereas Django is the Solar Boy, fighting Immortals, Sabata found himself serving them as the Dark Boy. Additionally, Django learned of the fate of Mani. She had been forcibly fused with Hel, who turned to be her sister, and was then killed by Django when he triumphed over Hel.
    After Boktai 1, Django is found traveling the lands. It is now that he encounters a rogue vampire who steals the Gun Del Sol. Otenko states that only a Solar Child can use the Gun Del Sol, and that Django shouldn't worry, only for Django to be shot by his own weapon. The vampire flees with the Gun Del Sol, and it isn't until later that Django discovers the vampire once more. He is revealed to be Red Ringo, Django's supposedly deceased father, turned into a vampire by The Count.
    After a duel alongside the now-friendly Sabata, Ringo regains his lost memory. Due to this, Django lets his guard down and Ringo's vampire instincts take over. He bites Django, turning the young Solar Boy into a vampire as well. Sabata quickly takes action as Ringo flees, taking Django to be purified by the Pile Driver: an act that would either cure or kill Django.
    Post-purification, Django is only partially cured, now a half-vampire. It is now that Django assumes a second name. The world once knew him as "Red Django", after his father, but now he was also known as "Black Django". Even in this new state, Django would continue his campaign, eventually recovering the Gun Del Sol, and putting his father to rest once and for all.


    Like many aspects of the Boktai series, Django takes a few traits from spaghetti western films, specifically the movie series "Django". More than just the name, Django also took the coffin-dragging trait from the movies. In the film series, Django is often seen dragging a coffin. Inside the coffin is a machine gun called "Pile Driver"--the same name as the device Django uses in the Boktai games to purify Immortals. Additionally, both in the movies and games, Django has a father named Ringo.

    Mega Man Battle Network crossover

    Django along with Otenko have appeared in all games of the Mega Man Battle Network series since the 4th entry.

    Mega Man Battle Network 4

    He appeared in the 4th game as a secret mission involving the hunting of ShadeMan.EXE, a vampire navi, who was one of the man antagonists of the game. he assisted MegaMan.EXE in ShadeMan's defeat. his solar gun, and the Pile Driver, make appearances as battlechips and a Program Advance respectfully.

    Mega Man Battle Network 5

    Django does not personally make an appearance in the story, but he has a Mega class battlechip that summons him, where he imprisons an enemy in a coffin and uses light to burn it and all enemies in range of the attack.  the Solar Gun and Pile Driver also return. in the DS expansion of the game, if a copy of Boktai 2 is added in the GBA slot, MegaMan receives DjangoCross, and gets the solar gun as his buster.

    There is also a VS mode available if Boktai 2 and Battle Network 5 are linked with the wireless adapter, where there is a race between MegaMan and Django to defeat ShadeMan.

    Mega Man Battle Network 6

    Django does not make an appearance in the US version, but is in the Japanese version. Django is found in a secret area of the graveyard, involved in a mission to defeat Count HackJack who has entered MegaMan's dimension, and MegaMan is unable to defeat him until Django intervenes.


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