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DJ Max Ray is a rhythm game from South Korean developer Pentavision Entertainment. It is the first iteration of the popular DJ Max franchise on iOS and is the first DJ Max game in four years to introduce a unique playstyle. It is published by Neowiz Games' Mobile division and was released worldwide on September 28, 2012 in the iTunes App store. It playable on both iPhone and iPad.

Announced under the tentative name of DJ Max Mobile in August 2012, DJ Max Ray was set to release on both iOS and Android platforms. Its initial teaser trailer was released through Tap Sonic's YouTube channel and showed a similar type of gameplay, only with DJ Max-like presentation and a unique soundtrack. On September 3, 2012 Neowiz posted an official announcement on the Bemanistyle message boards that the game would not be coming to the Android platform for the time being and would be exclusive to iOS.

In March 2013, DJ Max Ray was released on Android through the Play store in Korea. Its global Android launch was a month later in April.

Four days before the iOS release, the game's title was changed to DJ Max Ray and published for free. Like its sibling Tap Sonic, DJ Max Ray uses a free-to-play model. It can be found on the iTunes Store here and in the Google Play Store here.


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