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    DJMAX Technika 2: Crew Race

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 16, 2010

    Hold your breath for a new challenge in this sequel to Pentavision's hit touch screen rhythm arcade game.

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    DJ Max Technika 2 is the latest sequel in Pentavision's long-running DJ Max series, and the second to be released in arcades. As with its predecesor, DJ Max Technika, Technika 2 requires players to use a touchscreen-based interface to touch, hold, and drag notes with the proper timing to successfully play songs.

    The game is currently in location testing in South Korea, with a release expected sometime in 2010.

    New Features & Changes

    Note that the information in the list is subject to change as the game is not yet released.

    • A new type of note is introduced. It's a purple hold note played similar to the regular purple repeat notes and blue hold notes.
    • MAX judgement is now divided into "rainbow" MAX and "bronze" MAX, with the former being akin to a flashing great from Beatmania IIDX.
    • A "FEVER" button has replaced the "BGM BOOST" button during song play. Touching this button extends the timing window, making the game temporarily easier and changes all MAX's into "rainbow" MAX's.
    • "Crew Race" mode has been added, which is a user created challenge mode, where you play against a players choice of 3 songs and their score.
    • "Duo Mixing" mode has been added, which splits the screen in half and is intended for play by two players for two stages.
    • Lite Mode from Technika is now called Star Mixing, and is pretty much the same, except for the fact that you can turn the guide hands on/off and there is no FEVER.
    • Pop Mixing mode now has a random select for each stage.
    • You can now change the difficulty of a song in Pop Mixing.
    • Technical Mode from Technika is replaced by Club Mixing. You can either choose a set of 4 songs like in the original, or you have the choice of playing a nonstop mix/version of a song instead.
    • Song difficulties are now named similarly to the rest of the DJ Max series (NM/HD/MX).
    • Some songs that were in the original Technika have had their difficulty rating adjusted.
    • The scoring system has been reworked to score each song out of 300000. It is calculated by dividing 290000 by the number of notes in a song, while 10000 is obtained through a combo bonus.


    This songlist is incomplete and subject to change as the game has not been released.

    New Songs

    Song NameComposerGenreDifficulty
    BEE-U-TIFUL First Aid Drum'n'Bass 7/9/?
    Burn It Down Psycho-Remi Industrial 5/7/?
    Cosmic Fantastic Love Song DINY Ani Pop 3/5/?
    Cotton Quilt bermei.inazawa Jazz House 5/6/?
    D2 First Aid Drum'n'Bass ?/?/?
    Dual Strikers 7th Sequence Techno Trance 6/?/?
    Eternal Fantasy ~ Dream of Yuri ~ XeoN Fantasy Pop 3/6/?
    La Campanella ~ Nu Rave ~ Cranky Symphonic Rave 6/7/?
    Love is Beautiful Planetboom Flipper's Rock 4/?/?
    MonoXide Planetboom Planet Core 6/7/?
    Nova ~Mr.Funky Remix~ ? ? 4/?/?
    put'em up makou Raggaestion-like 4/?/?
    PUZZLER Electronic Boutique Toy Pop 4/?/?
    Rage of Demon Nien Nu Metal ?/?/?
    Say It From Your Heart makou Classic Handbag 4/6/?
    SUPERSONIC ~Mr.Funky Remix~ Planetboom, Remixed by Mr.Funky Nu Disco 6/?/?
    Sweet Dream Lin-G House Dance 4/5/?
    The Guilty Psycho-Remi Speed Funk 6/7/?
    TRIP NieN Dance Pop 4/?/?
    Xlasher Shinji Hosoe Slash Core 7/?/?


    Song NameComposerGenreDifficulty
    Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해) Forte Escape Fantasy Pop 1/5/?
    Ask to Wind (바람에게 부탁해) Live Mix Forte Escape Live Pop 6/?/?
    Brandnew Days Planetboom ? 2/6/?
    Eternal Memory ~소녀의 꿈~ M2UFantasy Pop ?/?/?
    Heart of Witch Rex Classical Trance 6/?/?
    Out Law: REBORN NieN/Croove Nu Skool 5/?/?
    Piano Concerto No.1 Tchaikovsky, Remixed by Wavfactory Classic 6/?/?
    Ray of Illuminati ESTi Euro Dance ?/?/?
    Someday NieN 91's Pop 3/?/?

    Soundtrack & Merchandise

    A limited edition release of the soundtrack has been announced by Pentavision in advance of the game's release. 3000 copies are to be released, with 350 being available in the US through Bemanistyle.

    The soundtrack package includes:

    • DJ MAX Technika 2 Soundtrack (2 CDs)
    • Limited Edition IC Card (1 of 4 designs, includes 20,000 MAX points, three in-game items, and a custom icon in the card data)
    • IC Card Case
    • DJ MAX Technika 2 Key Ring
    • DJ MAX Technika 2 Sticker Set
    • Limited edition packaging

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