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    DK: King of Swing

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Feb 04, 2005

    A Donkey Kong game based on climbing and swinging. To stop King K. Rool this time around, DK will need to master a new style of gameplay...

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    DK: King of Swing is a 2005 climbing game for the Game Boy Advance. Unlike a traditional platformer, most of the game is spent climbing and swinging on pegs as opposed to simply running and jumping. The controls of DK: King of Swing are rather unique as you use the L and R shoulder buttons to move right and left - the L button corresponds to DK's left hand (pressing it will make DK swing counter-clockwise), and the R button corresponds to DK's right hand (pressing it will make DK swing clockwise). The plot of the game revolves around retrieving the Jungle Medals that King K. Rool has stolen.

    DK: King of Swing has a more robust sequel, DK: Jungle Climber for the Nintendo DS.


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