Anyone worried about the gameplay?

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Right off the bat I have to say I love the new style and the hipster-esq of Dante. I figured he would have been a hipster in his younger days based on the DMC3 Dante. But I am particularly worried about the gameplay.
Ninja Theory's last released game was Heavenly Sword and I can say the combat in that game was sub-par at best. Nothing really special about it. DMC is known for having over the top combos, weapon switching, all the good stuff. Do you think that Ninja Theory will be able to pull it off? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but then I just remember the hat boxes from Heavenly Sword.

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Gameplay looks alright to me. It's the Dante that worries me.

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I could've lived with his new look had there at least be some guarantee of good gameplay, but Heavenly Sword is quite possibly the worst hack 'n' slash game I've ever played. I can still remember way back when GameSpot had Ninja Theory come over to demo the game, and all they could talk about was how beautifully animated whatshername's hair was. It was then and there that I knew Heavenly Sword wouldn't be for me, because Ninja Theory's vision of a good hack 'n' slash game is obviously very different from my own.

This is what DmC's director Tameem Antoniades had to say about the game, for example:

"We're taking a younger Dante that incorporates the youth culture of today, from fashion to music to street art, etc."

Yeah, I really don't give a shit -- how about you start talking about the actual game mechanics?

I can tell you right now, if DmC does not feature lock-on based Street Fighter-inspired combat, and requires me to use the right analog stick to dodge, I'll not even bother downloading the demo.

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Why does Dante look like one of the characters from a Twilight Movie?

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@Axersia said:
" This is what DmC's director Tameem Antoniades had to say about the game, for example:"We're taking a younger Dante that incorporates the youth culture of today, from fashion to music to street art, etc." 
Yeah, I really don't give a shit -- how about you start talking about the actual game mechanics?. "
Have to agree with you there, as far as Dante's new style goes I'll wait to see how it fits in with the rest of the game's aesthetic before making a permanent judgement but it doesn't concern me as much as the gameplay. I can get behind Ninja Theory changing the combat system too, but only if it really is for the game's benefit & what they're aiming for with a potential franchise reboot.
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Just watched the new trailer.  Dante looks like some emo.  :/  As for gameplay, it probably will be solid.  I'm really excited to see a reboot for Devil May Cry, just his new look is dumb.

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Not the gameplay, but Dante. He looks totally different and much lamer. It better be some impostor or something. 

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@Axersia:  the funny thing is the director looks exactly like the new dante... :| somthing all kinds of shady about that
anyway snow on unity said there intention isnt to alienate fans of the old dmc series in anyway and too wait for more media before jumping on the hate train
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No, the gameplay will be fine unless the go DMC 2 on it.  I just hope it's a 17 year old Dante who grays out at the end of the game and quits smoking in a cheesy ass cutscene.

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The only thing I can say about the look of the game is, "Why wasn't this 'Twilight?'  I would have watched that, at least."  Also, "Edmund is now a demon?!"

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@HandsomeDevil:  The twist is this is just Nero before the demon arm incident.
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Definitely. Western developers making complex, nuanced beat 'em up combat? Yeah, and pigs can fly.

Then again, Duke Nukem Forever is coming out, so I guess anything's possible.

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I realize this is a ridiculous thing to say as it was a CG trailer, but I can't help but feel that the combat looked a little slow.

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heavenly sword wasnt good, dante looks like he just walked off the set of 21 jump street. am disappointed. 

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I just hated the little girl levels in Heavenly Sword, with her crossbow.

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PlatinumGames should make the new DMC. I like Ninja Theory, but I don't think they should handle DMC. Unfortunately, there's nothing stopping that from happening at the moment.
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I hope they try something new with the gameplay. I'm bored with the old DMC games now.

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First off i would say I hate the new style just not a DMC game to me. But aside from that i could say l'm also worried about the gameplay. For one ninja theory are great at mocap stuff but the combat of the games feel more in line with god of war. Also judging by the trailer he seems to move much slower and also shoots much slower which is leading me to believe it will play more in line with a god of war type game which is a dealbreaker for me.
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@Rxanadu: Nero had white hair too. I debunk your theory. 
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I'm the complete opposite from the OP, I have faith that the gameplay will turn out better than DMC4 but I absolutly hate the new look.

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the new look is cool. there is no real way to judge the combat obviously, but i really enjoyed heavenly sword's combat. that game was a lot of fun and enslaved is looking to be a really good one as well. if you look at the part of the trailer where dante grabs the car with his weapon right before he grabs the car, the thing in his hand changes. i think theyre gonna make it kind of like heavenly sword, where the weapon changes with your needs. i still think its rebellion, but maybe its a re-imagined version. all-in-all this looks cool and i want to know when its coming out(i know it wont be soon).

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I just played the Enslaved demo, and I am no longer worried. I'm convinced the game will be a fucking travesty. It'll take a miracle for it to turn out even mediocre.

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It's probally going to be exactly like prototype and exactly 80% on gamerankings because that's all ninja theory is capable of.

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