DmC Ships 1 Million Copies; Forecast Lowered To 1.2 Million

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@DrCaveman: Just make a fucking sequel to the anime and DMC4.

Dante has to solve a new case for his shop.


How fucking hard is that?!

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@pyrodactyl said:

The idea that fans of DMC are the reason why DmC didn't sell well is ridiculous.

Please explain.

I already did:

The reason that game sold poorly is that times are grim for video games. Mother fucking XCOM sold like shit a few months ago, dishonored also sold poorly. Let's hope the new consoles manage to jump start the interest in games again cause the sales numbers for great games these days are very, very bad and we can't keep this up much longer without some impacts on the quality of games in the future.

Sure, some hardcore fans didn't buy the game but there isn't as much hardcore DMC fans as the internet would lead you to believe. The reason the game didn't sell is the same reason DMC4 sold so well. Not hardcore DMC fans, just regular Joe's who don't really go to gaming websites buying DMC4 because that trailer looked great and, more importantly, there was huge amounts of enthusiasm in the gaming space at the time. Not so much anymore. Let's hope the new consoles will fixe that cause I really, really don't want to buy a goddamn 1000$ PC.

Your anecdotal evidence really doesn't inspire confidence to your theory at all. Unless you have some sources or statistics to back any of those claims up, I'm not sure if I can really take you seriously.

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@DrCaveman said:

The fanboys won.

This is how games should be made. When you make a series and that fanbase follows it to the end, even going as far as to play the version of this series that doesn't exist, and then you slap them across the face with a "reboot" that isn't anywhere close to the will leave.

That's a really good point and I do agree with you. Despite the manner of it happening in this instance being a little more ugly, you're absolutely right. Maybe it had to be really ugly in DmC's case to make a point for other developers to take note. This should be an example and this should set the precedent for building better relationships between fans and developers. These past few years you cannot deny that a lot of developers have taken great liberties with the trust of their fans and steered their franchises in different ways that isolate a lot of their core fans. Its almost as if the developers consider their core fans inconsequential and that they'll automatically eat up the next iteration regardless, so they feel like it gives them free reign to try and reach out to new markets and demographics. There's nothing inherently wrong with trying to expand an audience, but I've seen plenty of my favorite franchises lose the core essence of what made their games enjoyable over time as the developers stopped caring about their original fans and reached out to casualize it. Look at Dragon Age 2, look at ME3, look at Dead Space 3, look at the bullshit DLC practices that litter the market today, etc.

Capcom in particular has been pretty brazen with their treatment of megaman and nickel and diming their consumers knowing that they can get away with it for years now. The absolutely arrogant stance they took with the DmC reboot in conjunction with Ninja Theory was insulting (I'm not talking about the game itself or any design change, I'm talking strictly the PR they've done and how they've handled the fan reactions) at the very least and irreprehensible at the worst. That is not how you should treat your consumers and passionate fans. This game has been an extreme example of the "Us vs Them" mentality when it comes to the relationship between developers & gaming journalism vs. consumers and has been so negatively polarizing that maybe it's a good thing that this happened. Maybe its a good thing that for once, fans spoke with their wallets when they were pushed too far with this sort of practice. Maybe its a hard lesson that needed to have DmC - a good game by its own merits - be made an example out of to better the rest of the industry as they take note of the backlash.

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