"Escape" Trailer: Okay Ninja Theory I'm interested

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I've been a huge critic of the new direction DMC is taking under Taneem Antionades and his overly post-modern team at NT but DAMN, the Escape trailer shows how truly awesome linear level design can be if you do it well. Admittedly the combat looks a bit simplified and the Dante character model is not only egregious but just plain ugly detail-wise, but I'm finally on board with this one.

What's your take on the new footage? Did it change any opinions or reinforce them?

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#2 Posted by ViciousReiven (979 posts) -

I've always been on board, as long as the combat is good and it's looking like it is, I've never understood the rabid hate this is getting.

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#3 Posted by CrusaderNoRemorse (27 posts) -

I'm a pretty big fan of Devil May Cry and I'm extremely interested in the direction they're heading.

Plus I'm sure they'll fix the character models by the time of release. This doesn't have a fixed release date yet, right?

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@CrusaderNoRemorse: The model was already fixed of Dante (which now looks finally like the concept art) he isn't going to suddenly gain white hair full time XP

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