Is drive/overdrive completely overpowered?

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Forget about the devil evade-trinity smash combo with arbiter, is it just me that finds the drive/overdrive just release completely overpowered? I'm playing through Son of Sparda mode at the mo, and I just beat the dubstep baby, mostly by spamming the triple drive thing with Rebellion.

How is this op, you ask? Well, the damn thing sort of homes in on the boss' weak spot, not to mention the fact that it's a piercing attack (I think) so you don't even need to be pin point accurate with it, and thus don't need to get anywhere near him. I've noticed the move also works well against taking out the big fat dudes and saw dudes too from a distance, which is odd considering the first, seeing as you usually have to go to town on them with Eryx/Arbiter. Hell, it works on anything that's on screen, even the flying enemies.

I'm not too bothered by it, though, as it doesn't give much in the way of style points. If anything I'm kind of bummed there's no taunt move :(

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