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I think this game looks fantastic and I really don't care that they redesigned Dante as long as they get the gamplay and level design right.

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Looks like they played Bayonetta and took some notes. Some interesting looking enemy design in there, too. Haven't played a DMC game since the first one, but I may pick this up since I've been in the mood for a combo heavy action game. One complaint would be the awful scream-o music, or whatever the genre is, I'm sure there's a very specific one, but I suppose it fits the character and general ambiance - hopefully it's not playing that music constantly though...

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I have been super skeptical of this game ever since they showed off the new Dante (that I hated).. But the more they show this game off the more I think Ninja Theory may actually pull it off, it's starting to look really cool..

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I literally just played the survival mode of DMC 4 just now, which I do all the time.
I'm going through this phase of trying Dante some more, cos I'm usually way better with Nero. I'm finding the difference is that Dante is a fucking pain to play in this game. He has 3 close-range weapons to switch to, 3 long-range weapons and 5 styles to toggle between. It's impossible! I can't switch all those things mid-combo, are you crazy?
Also he's a fucking pain in that his animations are so long and I can't cancel out of most of em fast enough. I always get hit performing some flashy sword dance or charging up my next punch. I get hit when I can't dodge all the time, playing as Nero is WAY more fun.
Nero has one sword and one gun, and has really short animations so you're not standing around showing off for 3 seconds, fuckin snappin your fingers and doin a jig. He has less variety in what he can do, but like Street Fighter 4, what's there is so refined and fluid and useful that I never feel like he needs anything else. Whereas Dante's shotgun just feels useless cos all it does is blast enemies AWAY from you, and the Royal Guard style's just takin up space...
It's two very different ways to design a game! I've never really thought about it that much.
Anyway yeah this trailer looks interesting. That enemy's holding a shield and that other dude has a giant weakpoint behind buzzsaw hands, so hopefully the enemy design's got some quirks. The weapons look a lot like weapons we've seen in DMC 3 and 4: the punching fists and the giant scythe... oh wait they have that "heaven & hell" system in weapons... huh I'm kind of interested to see how this plays now.
The effects look great, but he did go slow-mo upon killing a couple dudes there. I don't think that's necessary in a DMC game cos it always looks impresive without that, and I got REALLY tired of it in DarkSiders.
The effects and all the art look really good, so KUDOS ON THAT! Devil May Cry has an ultra-impactful animation style and I think they're pulling it off.
...oh did they change Dante's character model in this game? 
They could change him to a 7ft sexretary with hair fr clothes for all I care. I didn't think he was cool before because I'm not A FUCKING TEN YEAR OLD.

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Looks interesting. Again, the style of the world looks super good, it's the combat I'm more worried about

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@altairre: good eye duder.

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Good LORD, that song is awesome. Same with the trailer itself. The art direction looks fuckin' crazy good. About time someone actually put colors and saturation into the art. Looks so damn good.

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