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    A fighting game spin-off of the beat-'em-up MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online.

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    DNF Duel is a 2.5D high-fantasy fighting game co-developed by Arc System Works, Eighting, and Neople and published digitally by Nexon for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 28, 2022.

    A spin-off of the long-running beat-'em-up MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online (which is known in South Korea as Dungeon & Fighter, or DNF), DNF Duel brings the original game's setting and concepts into a traditional fighting game similar to more recent fighting games by Arc System Works (such as Granblue Fantasy: Versus).

    Each of the 16 playable characters are unique interpretations of the original game's advanced classes.

    Similar to Granblue Fantasy: Versus, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, DNF Duel uses specialized cel-shading and limited-animation techniques to give the illusion of 2D hand-drawn character art.


    Each player has access to six buttons: two standard attack buttons ("A" for weaker attacks and "B" for stronger attacks), two buttons for special attacks (Skill and MP Skill, or "S" and "MS"), a button for performing a one-use super special attack (Awakening Skill, or "AS"), and a dedicated Guard button (used as an option for blocking and for riskier forward-moving dashes).

    Unlike other 2D fighting games, there is no "burst" mechanic but players do have the option of spending 100 MP to perform a "Guard Cancel" to push their opponents back while defending against attacks. All characters have a unique "Awakening" state once their HP drops below a certain threshold. This Awakening can give the character a unique buff (see chart below) or be spent to perform a Awakening Skill for massive damage if it hits. However, the latter move can only be used once per round.


    The story mode of DNF Duel must be beaten at least once to unlock Lost Warrior as a playable character. Until he is unlocked, Lost Warrior will simply be referred to as "???" on the game screen.

    An angelic being named Nemyr sends out a call to various adventurers on different Planes of existence through a magical Gate, telling them to seek out other adventurers and take their respective "Will of the World". Though each character has their own storyline, they run into other Adventurers and absorb their Will, collecting enough Will to meet with Nemyr in person. Nemyr then steals their collected Will to summon a man they call the "Greater Will," but instead only awaken the Lost Warrior, who duels the player character to determine if they are worthy. Upon defeating the Lost Warrior, Nemyr disappears, and the Lost Warrior honors the player's wish by releasing the collected Will back to those who owned it.


    Current list of playable characters, based off advanced classes from Dungeon Fighters Online:

    FighterDescriptionAwakening Trait
    BerserkerAn aggressive swordsman with some techniques that can sacrifice his HP for stronger damage.Thirst: Allows the Berserker to recover small amounts of HP depending on damage inflicted.
    InquisitorA holy woman who wields a giant axe and can cast magic to trap her opponent or prevent them from getting close.Coldhearted Inquisitor: Recovers MP at a faster rate after using an MP Skill.
    GrapplerA melee-focused warrior who specializes in grappling moves, as his name suggests.Iron Physique: Reduces White Damage sustained while guarding.
    StrikerSimilar to Grappler, a melee-focused warrior who relies on her fists. Can cancel combos to keep enemies guessing.Power Fist: Increases Attack Power and minimum damage per attack.
    RangerA long-range character who relies on his pistols to damage the opponent.Sudden Death: Inflicts "Revenge" debuff on opponents when hit.
    HitmanLots of pressure tactics at mid-range with a saber and SMG combo.Battle Command: "Awakens" the Hitman allowing him to use more specials, including "Shattering Strike"
    Dragon KnightSmaller character with a sword and a baby dragon helper who can attack in tandem.Dragon Force: Increases amount of MP recovered.
    VanguardModest fighter with a long polearm that can keep his opponents at bay.Demonic Lance Mastery: Depletes enemy Guard Break gauge faster.
    KunoichiHighly mobile elven ninja with tons of flame magic at her disposal.Nin Boost: Increases speed of binding Nin and decreases MP consumption of "Nin-bound" moves.
    CrusaderSlow but incredibly strong warrior with a great hammer who can summon a wall to defend against opponents or to trap them.Merciful Strength: Increases Defense, Guard Break Resistance, and White Damage Recovery
    LauncherTech-obsessed woman who designs several large, heavy weapons that she can summon to the battlefield at will.Overheat: Increases White Damage inflicted on guarding enemies.
    TroubleshooterAn adaptable mercenary who tears through a battlefield with his square sword, a shotgun, and many, many explosives.Handle Explosives: Enhances the properties of all MP skills.
    GhostbladeA ronin who fights alongside the ghost of a dead samurai who can attack in succession with him.Phantasmal Binity: Increases damage dealt to opponents.
    EnchantressA tiny witch who keeps enemies at bay with her dark magic and use of a creepy puppet.Favoritism: Greatly reduces the passive MP consumption of Showtime! move.
    Swift MasterLives up to his name by using wind magic to dodge attacks and keep his enemies off the ground.Wind Master: Increases own movement speed.
    Lost WarriorThe unlockable final boss. He has teleporting moves and a Time Stop ability that lets him lock down his enemies.Logic of the Dimensions: Enhances MP skills and Time Stop properties.

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