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    Doctor Clash

    Character » appears in 6 games

    A very talented scientist and inventor, who after years of designing F-Zero machines decided to enter the GP itself.

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    Dr.Clash (named Theodore Clash), aged 55 is a complete genius in all things regarding F-Zero technology. He has never has the good looks going for him, but he was able to deal with it with the satisfaction of being one of the smartest guys around: asides from having an engineer title, he is an accomplished inventor and an atomic scientist. Clash has contributed to the F-Zero world by designing some of the machines that are currently racing the GP, and holds seven different patents regarding F-Zero technology. After years of being in the back stage, Clash decided to race the GP himself, and then designed and built his own machine, the Crazy Bear. However, he realized that he lacked the athletic abilities most F-Zero pilots have, so he invented a gadget to help him cope with his disadvantage.


    When designing the Crazy Bear, Doctor Clash put a huge emphasis on safety issues, which is the reason why his machine is one of the toughest and heaviest in the whole roster. It also has a pretty good boosting ability and top speed, however, it´s weight and Clash´s lack of attention to handling and aerodynamics have left the Crazy Bear with a terrible grip. It takes a very good pilot to take it through corners at full speed or without going into the wall, reason why the Crazy Bear is recommended for veteran pilots or those who are particularly skilled in drift driving.

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