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The first in the series of "Doctor Who: the Adventure Games", City of the Daleks features The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond who travel to London in 1963. They arrive to find the city in ruins, and the Doctor's arch enemies - the Daleks - at work. The Doctor must fight to defeat the Daleks, correct time, and save the remains of humanity. 
Daleks used in the video game are the 2010 re-design Daleks as seen in the series 5 episode 'Victory of the Daleks', however there are appearances from Daleks mentioned in the television series, and concepts from Classic Doctor Who appear - including previous enemies and the Eye of Harmony (now re-named the Eye of Time). 
The Doctor and Amy Pond are both voiced by their television counterparts - Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - and features Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks. It was written by Phil Ford, in association with Steven Moffat and the television show's executive team as well as direction from famed game designer Charles Cecil. Murray Gold, the composer of the TV show's musical score, also composed a new set of music for City of the Daleks.

Although due for release on June 5th 2010, it was actually released on the BBC website on June 2nd in a near finished form. It was also announced on this date that the game would later be released (at a cost) to gamers outside of the United Kingdom some time in July, after the end of the Fifth series of the TV show. The game will be released for Mac users in the United Kingdom on the 15th of June.  The second episode of the Adventure games previously titled Winter of Terror, but officially titled Blood of the Cybermen, will be released on the 26th of June, immediately after the final episode of Doctor Who's fifth series has been broadcast in the United Kingdom. The BBC confirmed that a Mac release would follow soon after, as well as more information regarding international releases.


Player take control of both The Doctor and Amy at several points in the game, guiding them through levels and past Dalek patrols. There are stealth elements akin to game series such as Metal Gear Solid, where the player must sneak past Daleks, avoiding entering their field of view. Sneaking sections are broken up with various minigames to represent moments such as using the Sonic Screwdriver to bypass security systems, or constructing various devices to help The Doctor stop the Daleks. True to the Doctor's nature as a pacifist, there are no combat sections in the game - if a Dalek opens fire on the Doctor or Amy, the player must find somewhere to hide until the Daleks lose track of them, and then resume their course.


Promising to take his companion, Amy Pond, to a Beatles concert in swinging sixties London, The Doctor lands the TARDIS in Trafalgar Square. However, upon exiting the TARDIS, The Doctor and Amy find London in ruins - after confirming that it is in fact 1963, they see a young black woman, Sylvia, being attacked by a Dalek. Sylvia escapes into the London Underground, prompting The Doctor and Amy to sneak past patrolling Dalek Drones to make their own way after her. Using a London Taxicab to smash their way into the depths of the Underground. 
They find Sylvia and discover that she is supposedly the last Human on planet Earth - a massive Dalek Army appeared through a crack in time and space in the skies above London, destroying the army and then exterminating the human race. The three avoid more Dalek patrols as they make their way towards a maintenance hatch leading back to the surface. Just as The Doctor and Amy begin to climb through the hatch, the Daleks catch up with them, but Sylvia sacrifices herself to destroy the patrol and give The Doctor time to escape. The Doctor and Amy sneak past more patrols on the way back to The TARDIS, where the Doctor grimly sets course for Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks - he must infiltrate the capital city, Kalaan, and put a stop to The Daleks' time-destroying plans. 
The TARDIS lands in a small storage room in the captial city of Skaro, however The Dalek's destruction of the human race has caught up with Amy - with no ancestors alive, she begins to fade out of existence. The Doctor hurridly locates parts to a Chronon Blocker to hold back the effects of  the time warp on Amy: although stable for now, she is still fading in and out of Time. The Doctor decides that what ever technology the Daleks are using to time-travel must be located in The Supreme Council chamber, in the upper echelons of the Dalek City. After spying on The Daleks from a Visualising Chamber, the duo make their way up to the Council chamber, only to be caught by two Daleks and escorted to the Dalek Emperor himself. 
The Dalek Emperor reveals to The Doctor that his Daleks have captured The Eye of Time, an ancient Time Lord device that allows them to travel in Time. Claiming that the Daleks will become the new Lords of Time, The Doctor and Amy jump into the Eye and are transported back to Kalaan before The Daleks returned with the stolen time travel technology. The extra time travel without the TARDIS to protect Amy worsens her condition - even with the chronon blocker, she is pratically invisible and close to being wiped from existence. The Doctor uses Amy's invisibility to his advantage, tasking Amy to sneak past the hordes of Daleks flying through the Eye of Time to get parts to a device that will disable the Dalek's vision, allowing him to sabotage the device and restore time. 
After Amy retrieves the necessary parts, she takes the Doctor's device to the top of the decayed Council Chambers and activates it, blinding the Daleks and causing them to fire their death rays wildly around the Room. She collapses to the floor, almost fading completely out of reality. The Doctor dodges the wild Dalek fire and meets Amy at the top of the Chamber, disabling the Eye of Time with his Sonic Screwdriver. As the room explodes around them, they take one final jump through the Eye back to their normal time - finding Kalaan still in ruins, back as it should be without The Dalek's interference. With the Time Line restored and the Human race no longer dead, Amy stops fading out of time and returns to normal. The Doctor brings her back into the TARDIS, promising to take her to The Beatles concert as they originally planned and meet Ringo Starr.

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